Monero Gold — 2018 Update #1 - Debit Card, Exchange Listings & Mobile Wallet​

  • Dear Monero Gold community, unfortunately we don’t have many great news for You today, however we do have a special suprise about exchanges at the end of this blog post :)

    Debit Card — WaveCrest Holding Issue

    As You may have already heard from other Crypto debit cards there was a request issued from VISA to WaveCrest Holding to suspend all VISA cards related to cryptocurrency. Unfortunately we are also affected by this blocking request, however we are actively looking for other card issuers and are most likely to partner with TenX to provide a custom TenX Monero Gold VISA debit card. More updates about this will follow in the upcoming weeks.

    Exchange Listings

    We are still waiting for listings on CoinExchange, YoBit and Mercatox. Unforunately due to holidays and huge growth of crypto-space in the past two months they are overloaded and must handle tickets/wallet updates before they proceed with listing new coins. We have been informed by CoinExchange that we will be listed within 14 days. We have also recently submitted legal documents with one major exchange and have been informed that our chance for listing is very high based on our whitepaper, team and legal tests (such as Hovey).

    Mobile Wallet

    In the past two weeks we have patched over 38 bugs in our mobile wallets and have added many new features such as chat,support tickets, exchange listing notifications, news ticker from social media platforms, ENS (Ethereum Name Service) support and many more. Release of our mobile wallets for both iOS and Android platforms will follow shortly after exchange listing. We believe this is best for both Monero Gold token growth and our community.

    Stay tuned for more news about partnerships and MoneroGoldPay (XMRGPay) in the upcoming weeks. As always, Thank You for Your continuous support!

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