Setup A Full Florincoin Node On A $5 Ubuntu VPS With One Command

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    "Hello Florin Community!

    I have created a simple “one click” unattended install script for creating a Florincoin full node that will run on a 1CPU/512MB/20GB $5/mo Ubuntu 16.04 VPS.

    To use the “one click” script of your choice, simply copy+paste the below command into a new Ubuntu install, sit back, and relax. It takes about 30 minutes to complete, but is entirely unattended.

    With Blockchain Snapshot:

    wget -O ; sudo bash

    Without Blockchain Snapshot:

    wget -O ; sudo bash

    Go with the FLO & Enjoy!!

    Details: All dependencies are installed, Florin is compiled from source, the Florincoin.conf file is configured with a randomly generated RPC user/password, IPTABLES are configured to accept incoming connections, and Florincoind starts at boot. There are two versions of the script which are identical except that one will download and install a recent (4/2017*) snapshot of the Florincoin blockchain that I am hosting. It is entirely optional, and if you would prefer to download the blockchain from the network itself, choose the script that does not include it.


    Digital Ocean (VPS) Signup:

    FLO: FLoHQo1AkqbzLJg9JdfkJB6edYjZDaWHar

    BTC: 1EvW9JfXraVFM4WBgpGsSa82CAi1hn55ck

    Modified from and special thanks to /u/ymmv2 for creating the btcAutoNode script


    Big thanks as well to /u/metacoin for assisting me in modifying the script for Florin."

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