Telegram Coin Faucets Bots

  • Earns some satoshis from these telegram faucets bots and invest in options as shown to boost your returns.

    Learn how to earn and grow your coins satoshis in a small way over time.

    Once it reach a critical mass, you will start to get the picture of making the diamonds works for you.

    Strategy for doing the hard way (organically)

    Click the bots for daily bonus diamonds every 20 or 24 hours diligently for the next 2 months

    On average, you get about 50 bonus diamonds per day.

    After 60 days, you will have about 3000 bonus diamonds.

    From now, you will start to get the picture of making the diamonds works for you.

    Buy any of the car / robot models with the bonus diamonds in hand.

    Then click the Farm or Factory icon to collect the hourly production flash points.

    Exchange these flash points for “Bonus / Payout” Diamonds in the ratio of 30/70

    Use the “growing” Bonus Diamonds generated by your Farm / Factory to buy more cars / robots

    Cash out the “Payout” diamonds to your  BTC / ETH / LTC / DOGE wallets when reach the min payout diamond tier.


    Why do this?

    It is an easy way for anyone to learn the concept of working hard to earn your keeps.

    So why not, just click those bots as you are on way to work while sitting in car, taxi or train.

    After all the daily hard works for 60 days, make those collected bonus diamonds work for you.

    From there, you start to understand the concept of “force” multiplier to maximize your gains.

    It is a great way to educate anyone of any age some basic financial concepts.

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