ICO Whitelist Tomorrow for APEX - Everything you need to know

  • Tomorrow at 5pm Shanghai time, the whitelist for the latest ICO to raise on the NEO platform opens up. This is the APEX ICO. 

     This is an ICO that is being run by a large and established company called Chinaplex. They already have a large and established presence in B2B business. 


    The idea behind APEX is to give the power of consumer data back in to the consumer. They allow consumers to interact with their enterprise data analysis tool called the "Nexus". Consumers can earn their tokens for offering up their data to "trusted" partners. 

    They already have an established business together with a  number of partners who have joined in order to advance the ICO. 

    What are your thoughts on APEX ICO? Would you invest in it in the ICO or wait for it to prove itself?

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