The Virtues of the Great HODL

  • Yes, markets are crashing. Yes, it feels pretty depressing to see digital wealth collapsing in the front of your eyes.

    Yet, this goes against the notion of the HODL entirely. If one were to look at the entire history of Bitcoin and crypto, there have been similar corrections. These always usually happen around January. The market shakes out the newbies and those that panic tend to get flushed out.

    There are also suspisions that these could be large whales that are trying to spook the market and profit on large short futures that are currently on. 

    Either way, the Hodler does not let fear and short term market movements drive his / her investing decisions. I know Warren Buffet does not like crypto a lot but he said "if you cant lose 50% of your investment in a stock and still be confident in it, then you shouldn't be in that stock" 

    Are there any fellow hodlers here? 

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