[ANN]Mpaycoin-₥-Live Network ICO-SHA256

  • Mpaycoin actually came from Multiwebpay Coin.We are hoping, it will be on of the leading payment option for online market or industry.After successful testing we are going to launch our Coin ICO with Yobit,Megacrypton on 1st of August 2016

    It will be 2% premined for ICO and for bounty.Below is official pre details of coin:


    Mpaycoin Symbol: ₥



    Coin name:Mpaycoin

    Coin abbreviation:MPC

    Address letter:M

    Block reward:100 coins

    Total coin supply:126530612 coins

    Block halving:620000

    Bounty for Mpaycoin:
    1. Adding to any exchanger/trading Platform- 2000₥
    2. Make Block Explorer-1000₥
    3. Design and for any developing -500₥ to 5000₥
    4. For any issue solving/promoting on forum/writing article- 10₥-200₥

    Official website: mpaycoin.com

    Github: github.com/multiwebpay/mpaycoin



    Any suggestion or any comments are welcome

    Details Coming soon!

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