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  • NewZealandCoin

    NZC is no doubt a hands-on company we are now at a time of rapid growth and exciting new global initiatives. This is an exciting time to be working at NZC because the Company offers many growth, development opportunities and investment platform for Crypto Currency. NZC is most trusted provably Coin and User Friendly Application. It is open source software which enables the use of this currency and everyone can contribute

    NZ Coin Specification

    *Coin name: NewZealandCoin

    *Ticker: NZC

    *Type: Pow

    *Algorithm: Script

    *RPC port: 7770

    *P2P port: 7769

    *Max Coins: 335800000 coins

    *Block reward: 80

    *Premine amount: 201480000 coins

    *Block target time: 2min

    *Coinbase maturity: 10 blocks

    *Transaction recommended minimum confirmations: 6 blocks

    *Bounties: 70% for per mining

    *NZC Team: 30% for Development Team

    < Downloads >

    *Windows wallet:!d04wFBQB!9s-xGzmW6tNAJ4qpTxZrvnmTseKoyr3ecWmxAJjsMkw

    *Source code:

    < Bounties Details >

    Social (S.P) 50 NZC
    Create Video (C.V) 500 NZC
    Signature (P.S) 10 NZC (7 days)
    Exanger (P.E) 10000 NZC
    Pool (P.P) 1000 NZC
    Banner (P.B) 200
    Translations (P.T) 200 NZC

    Russian - Pending
    Spanish - Pending
    Indonesian - Pending
    Portuguese - Pending
    Indian - Pending
    French - Pending
    Bulgarian - Pending
    German - Pending
    Italian - Pending
    Turkish - Pending
    Dutch - Pending
    Polish - Pending
    Greek - Pending
    Korean - Pending
    Romanian - Pending

    Chinese Pending

  • Pool Added

    %2 Fee

    stratum+tcp:// NUMBER

    Port: 3002, Diff: 8

    Port: 3035, Diff: 256

    Port: 3253, Diff: 1024

    User - wallet address

    Pass - x

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