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    ZCL, ETN, Deposits Update

    We have cleared the backlog of ZCL withdrawals and these are now processing well. Please close any outstanding ZCL tickets if your issue has been resolved. There is a currently a delay with ETN deposits and withdrawals due to wallet maintenance. We are working on an urgent resolution. Please monitor for the most up to date news. Note that there is a known delay with deposits for the below coins. The issue causing these delays has been fixed and we are working through the backlog now which will be cleared shortly: ALEX, ALL, BAT, BCF, BGR, BIS, BPL, BTB, BTDX, BTX, CHESS, COMP, COPPER, CRUR, DCY, DEUS, DFS, DNR, DP, EDDIE, EFL, ELM, EMB, EQT, FAME, FRC, GBX, GEERT, HAV, HC, HOLD, HSR, INN, IZE, KAYI, KRB, KUSH, LCP, LEPEN, LFTC, LUX, MAGN, MAR, MCRN, MLITE, MOJO, NEBL, NETKO, ODN, ONION, OOO, OZC, PASL, PHR, PIRL, PLC, POP, POSW, PPC, PR, PURA, RED, RUP, SBC, SCORE, SEL, SFC, SPR, STC, TES, TRBO, TRC, TZC, UNIFY, UTC, VIDZ, VISIO, VIVO, WC, WC_old, XCO, XCPO, XGOX, XMCC, XRY, XZC 

    Thank you for your continued support and understanding. 

    The Cryptopia Team

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