Qoracoin (QORA) Release Wallet v 0.26.6

  • The v0.26.6 release includes the following updates:

    • Stability fix to mapdb to reduce deadlocks when using BTreeMaps
    • Faster shutdown thanks to early bail-out by Synchronizer
    • More informative closing down GUI dialog, which also helps debugging
    • Fixes to name storage, blog posts, blog comments, etc. to finally support proper orphaning
    • Fix for issue #87 where headless mode was broken
    • Fix for issue #86 supporting data and dataBak directories being mountpoints
    • Add missing run.sh and run.bat from zipfile
    • log4j2.properties has simple property.filename of "log.txt" in zipfile
    • Lots more unit test fixes

    NOTE: If upgrading make sure you have a copy of your wallet seed so you can restore your accounts if anything goes wrong.


    MD5 : 4a41dce587ac072d2e3e4b0d7964d1bf SHA1 : 6eccb1b63c65e776c267c5733e3e5e180c081285 SHA256 : 4a6a47187bdebe7c0705ad9309ae7da2e9a0496f16bcf255bdd5dc2cdf060b36

    [VirusTotal report for Qora_v0.26.6.zip] (https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/bfd67e6193cfc39854824daac5ae38633e31397ecd1c1ed3aa6c99ead12b23f9/detection)


    MD5 : 46a452f5558bf905796f77a6155e1609 SHA1 : 6bfec3d530a61138563d5dbef6284a460ab79c59 SHA256 : 3e4be1a0cad27fa1590e7cee5000199876e86182a12a5575d9cbba1550a70c4d

    [VirusTotal report for Qora-v0.26.6.exe] (https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/ab70aabe4827a115a3c3d4a6c129637b3ecad4e4d2baed1240c2ae09a8458ad3/detection)



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