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  • What is bpay.io?

    In Bitcoin description Satoshi Nakamoto pointed out the most vulnerable aspect of the e-commerce — the trust which lies in the root of the system is provided by external regulatory financial institutions.

    The mediation of financial institutions leads to extra costs of mediation services, needless problems, associated with identification of currency traders and high risks of fraud.

    The solution that Nakamoto saw was to integrate the payment system which would be based on cryptography. That was a brilliant breakthrough in financial system and after some time blockchain technology has conquered the world.

    However, Bitcoin just like all other cryptocurrencies never found its practical application in real day-to-day economic life for general public. This objective can only be attained through the integration of a payment aggregator, which would introduce the technologies of digital currencies into the daily consumer microeconomics.

    The newest instrument — bpay.io is most sophisticated tool, which allows receiving cryptocurrency at your convenience — any place, any time, while ensuring the speed and security of your transactions.


    Trading transactions can be conducted between both classic traders (buyer-seller) and within the scope of virtual platforms (e-shops, online services, stock exchange, exchange oces, etc.) The service is based on the principle of payment aggregation, ensuring the account and exchange of all possible digital assets as a payment method with subsequent conversion (or without, as preferred by the seller) into local currency or transferring to one’s bank account.

    Example of a trading transaction: the online retailer MediaMarkt supports only cash payments and credit cards Visa/MasterCard. By integrating the Bpay.io system plagin MediaMarkt will be able to accept cryptocurrencies through the web site, meaning instant payments in local currency transferred immediately to the company’s bank account.

    Bpay.io is designed to support as many digital currencies as possible, realizing their internal translation into the currency, which the main seller wants to accept as his/her basic currency.

    If, for example, the seller selects EUR as the basic currency on his/her internal account, when the client pays for the goods or services in Ethereum/ Bitcoin/etc, the seller receives the payments in EUR with a possibility of further transfer to his/her bank account.

    One of the long-term objectives of Bpay.io apart from serving a payment gateway in the virtual environment is integration into offline economy.

    The Bpay.io team sees the future of digital currencies in the expansion of the scope of application of cryptocurrencies, triggering the start of interaction of digital assets and real economy. By setting up this connection we will launch new impulses for a broad-based adaptation of the blockchain technology in any and all fields of life.

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    Key benefits

    • Benets for the seller

    With regard to the speed of development of cryptocurrencies we should keep in mind that the international
    community is at the dawn of its formation, so it’s quite possible that digital assets which will
    become widespread and common are yet to be invented.

    According to the data provided by Coinmarketcap (https://coinmarketcap.com) at the moment when
    the White paper was written about a thousand types of digital coins were already there. According to
    analytic calculations of Bpay.io experts about 3000 varieties of digital assets will be circulating in the
    market by 2020. We should keep in mind that each of these technologies will have its own protocol
    and hence a wallet to be associated with.

    It’s hard to imagine an e-store operator, online game developer or a coee shop employee operating
    such extensive software to maximally engage nancially reliable audience.

    So the main advantage of Bpay.io is associated with the “single window” concept, assuming the seller’s
    interaction with any other blockchain protocols.
    By using Bpay.io the seller can engage a wide nancially reliable audience to his/her products or
    services, at that receiving payments on his/her account in the preferred currency, which is ultimately
    stipulated by the legislation.

    • Benets for the buyer

    – Anonymity and secrecy of the basic wallet used by the buyer
    – Transactions guaranteed by moneyback in case of not receiving services/products (Bpay.io appears
    as a backer of the transaction up to the moment when the funds are sent to the seller’s account)
    – Using the preferred cryptocurrency without the need of acting as a “promoter” of the currency for
    the seller.

    Bpay.io token

    The internal token of the Bpay.io system is functionally supported, so that the use of the Bpay.io token
    ensures a number of basic mechanisms of the system’s operation, which would otherwise be impossible.

    The main objectives contain:

    Connecting to Bpay.io Online and Bpay.io Retail

    Online-shops, sales outlets, companies and individuals, interested in accepting cryptocurrencies as a
    payment for their products and services, must integrate the Bpay.io system into their payment methods.
    At that to connect to the Bpay.io system one should possess a certain number of coins for a
    one-time payment for connecting to the system.
    The starting fee for the connection to Bpay.io is 500 BUY and 1000 BUY for the connection to Bpay
    It should be noted that for the sellers the advantages of using Bpay.io are beyond doubt since this
    connection charge further covers the transaction fees.

    Transaction fees

    Bpay.io is aimed at the development of a simple and easy-to-use payment system with lowest possible
    transaction fees (1%).

    BUY tokens are used in the system for all transaction fees. Thus, to be able to accept and exchange
    money the seller must have a certain volume of BUY tokens on his/her account, which would compensate
    for the current and future transaction fees.

    The Bpay.io interface will provide for an option of planning expenditures of transaction fees, with
    regard to the data about actual and anticipated business turnover, which the business owner lls in
    his/her private cabinet.

    Participation in digital currency exchange transactions

    It is suggested to use the self-designed BUY token as an internal settlement currency for Bpay.io
    services. The necessity of using an internal token is associated with the fact that interacting with a
    number of digital coins and multiple currency exchange markets the service needs to closely monitor
    exchange rates, which can signicantly vary depending on a given exchange market or the currency
    selected by the user might not have signicant liquidity for fast exchange.
    Thus, all possible digital currency exchange combinations will be conducted through the BUY token. It
    should be mentioned that at the initiation of the payment process the actual platform Bpay.io receives
    data about the current exchange rate from the internal database, signicantly reducing the period of
    processing transactions.

    Practical necessity

    With regard to the dynamic development of the cryptocurrency market we anticipate inception of no
    less than 3000 various technological tokens by 2020. Only a part of them will be mutually convertible,
    all the more so convertible with duciary currencies.
    Bpay.io philosophy assumes making the entire volume of the existing at a given time currencies
    practically useable in real life for which purpose we need to come up with a relevant tool for instant
    exchange of one token with another. That is the BUY token.

    Public token sale

    Total number of tokens: BUY (100%)
    Number of tokens authorized for sale on Pre-ICO/ICO: 600.000.000 (60%)
    Of which 10% will be allotted to the Pre-ICO participants, 50% to the ICO participants
    5% will be allotted for marketing and bounty programs
    10% is reserved for strategic partners
    25% is reserved for the team and distribution of tokens to key clients for quick scaling of the product
    on the market.

    Public token sale stages

    The structure of using raised funds :

    50% expansion of the team and development of a ready-to-use product
    10% attorney fees
    10% lobbing of the company’s services for major online and offline platform
    15% transaction costs, setting up offices in countries of operation
    15% marketing

    Market valuation of the BUY token

    Based on the research conducted by our company while putting this document together, we conclude
    that Bpay.io has a huge potential for the product both for the online and oine commercial markets.
    Taking into consideration the active dynamics of market growth within digital currency assets, we are
    strongly convinced that many companies would already be interested to use the Bpay.io as an alternative
    or additional payment method.

    Given that the functionality of the Bpay.io system is impossible without the BUY token, we anticipate
    high demand for the mentioned token in the process of Bpay.io business expansion. This interest is
    explained by a number of purposes of the token.

    -) In order to connect to Bpay.io the seller has to possess a certain amount of tokens at once;
    -) Tokens are used for paying transaction fees

    As a result, any functioning business is always interested in the presence and acquisition of a certain
    number of BUY tokens in its private cabinet, to cover transaction expenses and allowing the Bpay.io
    system to function within the framework of the business.
    The usage and exchange of the BUY token within the internal and foreign exchange markets will
    ensure the liquidity and interchangeability with popular digital currencies.

    The BUY token prices are based on certain estimations presented below:


    6-15 November
    Private Token sale opens

    End of January 2018
    Public Token Sale opens

    February 2018
    Official open Europe Bpay.io office

    March 2018
    Open API for first merchants release (digital currency)

    April 2018
    Edex.io Exchange opens

    May-June 2018
    Receive “processing license” for bank connections

    June 2018
    Open API for first merchants (fiat currency)

    August 2018
    iOS and Android wallets and dashboard release

    Q3 2018
    Open Bpay.io USA office

    Q4 2018-Q1 2019
    Bpay Retail “payment stick” release



    White Paper:https://www.bpay.io/en-whitepa...

    One Pager:https://docsend.com/view/znvwn...



    Blog: https://medium.com/@bpay





  • Bpay Bounty Campaign

    Greetings! Bpay.io project thanks you for the interest to our digital platform. We are ready to share with you terms of the bounty campaign we’ve prepared.

    First of all — it is necessary to understand what bounty campaign is.

    Bounty campaign is a possibility to get stakes in coins without the investment of your personal facilities. You get them by making an advertisement for the project. That could mean unique posts in your social media or blog, reposts from official social networks, translations or videos.

    We would like to make an effective and mutually-beneficial cooperation with you so we could make a quality product from our side and get quality work from yours.


    • subscribe to our social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Bitcointalk, Youtube, Medium, Steemit, Reddit, Instagram
    • all reposts, publications and any other activity are required to be posted with the hashtag #BPAYIO #BUY


    • The list of participants will be updated and checked once a week, the stakes’ share will be calculated once a week (on Sunday in the end of the week).
    • Reasons for removing from the bounty program: spam, obscene expressions, maintaining multiple and fake accounts, having less than 500 followers and account age less than a half of a year.
    • We are interested in those who are interested in our project, not just in getting the bonuses. Therefore, we are ready to give you more for your quality work.
    • By participating in the campaign you automatically agree to our terms and conditions.

    Bounty-campaign includes 6 categories, which are shown below.  The stake of the Bounty campaign in the Token Sale is 2%. That accounts for 12 000 000 BUY tokens.

    JOIN OUR COMMUNITY Facebook Twitter Telegram chat Telegram channel Bitcointalk Medium Reddit Steemit Instagram

    1. TRANSLATIONS (15%)


    Korean Japanese French German Spanish

    Other languages should be discussed individually


    Only quality translations are accepted. Cost of translation — 20–25 stakes (depending on the language).


    Korean Japanese French German Spanish Other languages should be discussed individually


    Only quality translations are accepted. Cost of translation — 25–30 stakes (depending on the language).


    Chinese Korean Japanese French German Spanish Other languages should be discussed individually


    Only quality translations are accepted. Cost of translation — 20–25 stakes (depending on the language).


    Chinese Korean Japanese French German Spanish Other languages should be discussed individually


    Only quality translations are accepted. Cost of translation — 30–50 stakes (depending on the language, channel followers and views).


    2. SOCIAL NETWORK (20%)


    Reposts: 1 stake Reviews/publications about our project: 2–5 stakes (depending on the size and originality).


    Number of subscribers: from 500 Account age: from 6 months Do not repost or post the same news or update several times Use #BPAYIO #BUY in every repost and post


    Retweets: 1 stakes Unique posts about our project: 2–3 stakes (depending on the size and originality).


    Number of subscribers: from 500 Account age: from 6 months  Do not repost or post the same news or update several times Use #BPAYIO #BUY in every repost and post

    Note: Please post your reports of Social Network activity in the end of every week under our Bounty Thread on Bitcointalk


    3. BITCOINTALK (15%)


    Hero / Legendary: 7 stakes Senior Member: 6 stakes Member: 5 stakes Jr. Member: 4 stakes


    Hero / Legendary: 10 stakes Senior Member: 9 stakes Member: 8 stakes Jr. Member: 7 stakes

    COMMENTS: please do not mess this section with translations of website, White Paper and articles. This is different type of it.



    Hero / Legendary: 3 stakes Senior Member: 2.5 stakes Member: 2 stakes Jr. Member: 1.5 stakes Newbie: 1 stake


    3 comments per week. The length of the message is at least 250 characters. The message/comment should be unique. Messages are constructive, automatic translation is not allowed.

    4. VIDEO (YOUTUBE AND ETC) (15%)


    CHANNEL WITH LESS THAN 20K SUBSCRIBERS: Reviews/videos from 1. 30 minutes — 10 stakes Reviews/videos from 5 minutes — 35 stakes

    CHANNEL WITH MORE THAN 20K SUBSCRIBERS: Reviews/videos from 1. 30 minutes — 20 stakes Reviews from 5 minutes — 50 stakes


    5. ARTICLES / REVIEWS (15%)

    Reviews about our project in your own blogs, popular resources, media and analogues.


    Post/article about Bpay.io in any language At least 1000 characters and 1 link to bpay.io The article should be available to everyone on the Internet Stakes are discussed individually. Its depends on the site and audience.



    A bug bounty program is a program offered by many websites and software developers by which individuals can receive recognition and compensation for reporting bugs, especially those pertaining to exploits and vulnerabilities. These programs allow the developers to discover and resolve bugs before the general public is aware of them, preventing incidents of widespread abuse.


    You test our product and if there appears some bugs, mistakes — send us that information. Within 1–1,5 week we check this bug and if it’s true we pay you with our stakes.If bugs are repeated we will prefer to give stakes to that user who sent us the info first. Stakes are discussed individually. Its depends on the bug and the importance.


  • Additional incentives for the development of Bpay.io

    Internet of Things

    The market of IoT gadgets, for example, has great prospects. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a combination of physical items, gadgets and devices based on integrated technologies interacting with each other or with the environment (primarily human interaction). As for the nancial market, IoT presents interest in terms of progress that the researchers presently demonstrate with regard to high-tech gadgets, which will have access to certain accounts when making payments through smart contracts. A coee machine, which just ran out of coee, can be a simple example to case. The system integrated in the machine captures the fact that there is an absence of a certain product (coee in our case) and thus orders a new pack, makes a non-cash payment at the moment it is relled

    Having thoroughly studied the IoT market Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) presented an extensive research (11) in September 2017, covering multiple aspects of IoT. According to the data provided by HPE, nearly 57 % of all medium and large enterprises of the world have already integrated various types of IoT technologies in their operations. By 2019 the number of these companies will grow up to 85%, whereby 88% of business representatives and owners already using these technologies note fast return on investment of all kinds of integrated IoT projects. 78% of respondents note that the newest technologies have increased transparency and ability to control the working processes. Most often businesses use smart Internet solutions in HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and lighting systems (noted by 56% of the respondents) and in the niche of personal mobile devices (noted by 51% of the respondents).

    According to the research (12) conducted by Data Corporation (IDC), which is an international research and consulting company, the overall expenses of the majority of companies have increased by 17%. By 2021 the volume of investments into equipment, software and communication networks will reach up to 1.4 billion dollars. Among the main areas of investments into IoT specialists point out various industrial productions, transportation and utilities. Businesses also pay a great deal of attention to advanced technologies associated with the equipment of smart buildings, as well as smart systems of energy, water and gas supply.

    Digital economy

    The growth of digital economy triggers swift development of cryptocurrency systems.

    Despite seemingly negative trends (such as banning of ICO in China and Southern Korea) on a large
    scale most of the developed national states are on the lookout for the cryptocurrency market. In
    Japan, for example, cryptocurrencies de-facto have a status of currencies, so that people can use
    bitcoins to pay for goods or services.

    Even the simplest facts presented in gures speak to the positive future of blockchain. At present
    there’s about a thousand of cryptocurrencies in the world (unfortunately, the exact number is
    unknown, since the market situation is changing literally every day).

    The total value of the Forex market is estimated by experts to be $5 trillion, while the value of the
    cryptocurrency market according to certain estimations(13) reaches $500 billion (with average monthly
    growth by 3%).

    Many experts note that the investors still do not completely and seriously realize the prospects of
    cryptocurrencies. According (14) to John Mattison - the former executive director of the Bitcoin Foundation,
    many private investors will ignore bitcoin until its cost exceeds 10.000 USD. It should be mentioned
    that according to estimations (15) of those who have already invested into cryptocurrencies,
    this threshold is pretty much attainable in the upcoming 8-10 months.
    Ray Youssef – the CEO of Paxful project is very enthusiastic about the future of cryptocurrencies. In this
    light he points at a number of challenges in the purchase of tokens and options as to how they can be
    used in everyday life of an ordinary person. First and foremost this has to do with underdeveloped
    infrastructure, especially in the states and regions where the banking system is not strongly developed
    up to this day. Youssef believes that the situation can be xed by the creation of top-quality,
    user-friendly apps, operating in the system of P2P interaction.

    Tim Frost – the founder and permanent leader of Taurus Vision, shares this opinion. He also claims that
    bitcoin helps avoiding losses and risks, associated with national currencies.

    It’s interesting to know that presently the risks, associated with duciary money are discussed by
    young people, who have already realized the benets of cryptocurrencies.

    According to the research (16), carried out by the joint eorts of MasterCard and Facebook, the overwhelming
    majority of youth (92%) has little trust in the existing banking system, opting for advanced
    ntech-solutions in day-to-day life.
    With this regard it can be stated that the technologies, that give ordinary people a chance to use
    tokens in their everyday life, will set the wheels of the development of cryptocurrencies. Thus we will
    embark on a new era of digital Eden once ordinary people get a chance to pay bitcoins in supermarkets,
    private shops and markets.
    We present to consideration the blockchain technology, which draws this time closer and closer.
    It’s Bpay.io.

  • Questions and answers: What you should know about Bpay Token Sale?

    Hello, dear friends!

    You know that during the launch of the project many questions about the company/product/team appear. We decided to create a column where you will be able to find some answers on frequently asked questions. Especially before the Pre-Sale on 26th of March.

    When does our Token Sale starts/ends?  Token Sale dates: 17th April — 15th May

    What is the price of BUY (BPAY token)? For public token crowdsale price is 0.08 USD/token

    Will there be pre-sale? Yes, Pre-Sale dates are 26th March — 2nd April

    How much will our token cost during the private sale? For limited tokensale it’s just 0.03 USD/token

    How many tokens are there for sale? We only have 600.000.000 BUY for public use

    How can you buy our tokens? You can purchase your tokens using Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, EOS, Bitcoin Cash, NEO

    When do you get tokens? Immediately in case of purchase via Ethereum or within a week after sending the funds with ETC, EOS, BCH, NEO

    What exchanges will list your tokens/when? Our token will be placed on the Edex.io (internal) exchange immediately after the launch of the platform (summer 2018) and 2 months after the public sale on the remaining exchanges

    What is token allocation in general? Token Supply for Private token sale/Public token sale: 600.000.000 ( 60%) 10% will be distributed for the Private Token Sale 50% will be distributed for the Public Token Sale

    Another 40%: 5% will be distributed for marketing and Bounty Program 10% are reserved for the strategic partners  25% are reserved for the Team and Token distribution to the key clients for fast scalability of the product on the market

    Bpay Team hopes this would help our community to create more open and transparent relations inside. Read and suggest your questions in our Telegram chat and follow the updates in ourTelegram channel.

  • Bpay Token Sale FAQ


    We’ve got a lot of questions during the Pre-Sale stage, so today we will discuss them together at one place. These are FAQ for the Token Sale that is going till the 15th May, so please be attentive.

    1. Could we describe our business model and give a slogan? Our slogan is “Any money for any people in any time!”. You will be able to use our platform even for offline trades. Also our goal is to have a maximum possible pool of the cryptocurrency that could be to use our product. We want to make cryptocurrency available in everyday life!
    2. Why should you choose this platform? Because our commission will be 0.2 % and we will have the financial license for worldwide payments. Also we created the system that will be available not only for online but also for the offline tradings!
    3. Who is the system made for? Anyone who wants to use cryptocurrency in a daily life, but also: - Online stores  - Offline service centers - Delivery services - Offline sales outlets
    4. How do the payments work? For more concrete information see our video tutorial .
    5. What about benefits that the project suggests? Benefits for Seller:  - Acceptance of a maximum pool of cryptocurrencies - Protection against market volatility - Protection against fraud - Funds withdrawal to personal cryptocurrency account - Funds withdrawal to your personal bank account within 24 hours - 24/7 Support Benefits for Buyer:  - 0,2% commission on purchase - Payments in your currency are accepted on thousands of websites - Payments in your currency are accepted on thousands of offline sales outlets - 24/7 Support - Money-back guarantee through the “Buyer Protection” system
    6. What jurisdiction do we belong? The office is located in Tallin, Estonia and in Moscow, Russia.
    7. How do we provide security? Blockchain provides high level of security, since we work with transaction, this point is very important. We do not need mediation. In non-blockchain platforms you will always have mediation between seller and buyer. Check our White Paper and Road Map.
    8. Will we increase the number of working currencies? In 3 months after the ICO we will be able to introduce about 100 currencies for online systems, but after the half of a year — for offline.

    Bpay Token Sale is LIVE now! Join us following this link

    Start date: 17th of April End date: 15th of May  Token Supply: 600 000 000 BUY tokens Token Price: 0.08 USD per token Minimum amount: 50 USD

    Also, for your convenient we have written simple instruction to understand how to buy BUY token. Read it in our Medium article.

    Stay tuned to our channels in social networks for updates! official channel official chat

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