ChronoBank: roadmap for 2018

  • ChronoBank: roadmap for 2018

    We want to share with our community what we have planned for this year, and to look ahead to the coming milestones for ChronoBank!

    It’s now been a year since our crowdsale ended, and we have made good progress with the core technology that will underpin the ChronoBank ecosystem. We will continue to refine this and build it out over the coming months, as well as stepping up our business development.

    On the tech front, our working roadmap for 2018 is as follows:

    Q1 2018

    • Token liquidity measures integrated;
    • ChronoMint: - Exchange development begins; - Support for assets hosted on NEM, Waves and Ripple; - Middleware SDK;
    • LaborX: - Ethereum sidechain launch; - UI design and layering completion;

    Q2 2018

    • LaborX public beta;
    • ChronoMint: - Support for assets hosted on NEO and Stellar; - iOS mobile app release;
    • Listing TIME on new exchanges;
    • Establishing partnerships with HR businesses to trial LaborX;
    • Creating worldwide awareness around ChronoBank and its mission;

    Q3 2018

    • LaborX: - Release Production version; - Acquire early adopters;
    • ChronoMint: release Exchange beta;
    • First partner integrations;
    • Organise conferences in the crypto world and connect with influencers in both the blockchain and recruitment spaces;

    Q4 2018

    • Fiat debit card integration;
    • Mainstream adoption of LaborX within and beyond the blockchain community.

    Alongside all of this, we’ll be working hard to cement partnerships with crypto and non-crypto companies, increasing global awareness of our platform and seeking to attain critical mass and network effect.

    All in all, it’s set to be a very exciting year!

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