Ethereum mining pool - Mining City | PPS with every day payouts. Start your earnings immediately. | 0% Fees

  • Fitures

    • Written in Go it's a rocket highly concurrent and low RAM consuming mining pool
    • High performance proxy
    • Proportional Payouts system and block unlocking module
    • Designed to be simple
    • Strict policy module
    • The most predictable payout system PPS

    Payout System

    PPS (Pay Per Share) PPS pools are the best pool to mine on if you want a steady 100% (less the pool fee) of your calculated income. With a PPS pool you are paid for EVERY VALID SHARE you submit. So, every time your mining software says “accepted”, you are paid a small amount regardless of whether the pool has found a block or not. The pool operator is basically hiring your hash power. Some PPS pools even pay the miners if the block is orphaned. Now if we don’t find a block within 50824 shares, the miners still get their payouts and the pool op makes up the difference EVEN IF THE BLOCK IS ORPHANED! The drawbacks to a PPS pool are that they usually charge a fee of ~3%-5%. In short, a PPS pool removes the “Luck” factor for miners.

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