NANO Price Forecast 2018: This Could Spark a Rally in the NANO Coin Price

  • One Cryptocurrency Everyone Is Talking About in 2018

    The Nano cryptocurrency is currently a hot topic on everyone’s lips. This emerging crypto got the social media world abuzz after the founder of a rival cryptocurrency gave it a thumbs-up. This week’s biggest Nano news is that Litecoin founder Charlie Lee has bought some NANO coins. But we’re speculating something bigger for NANO, which may cause Nano prices to skyrocket this year.

    But first, let’s quickly rehash the two events that caused a stir this week. Two days ago, the founder of Litecoin (which is supposedly a competitor of Nano) took to Nano’s subreddit to question its technology. The comments he left on the discussion thread made it obvious that Lee was impressed with Nano’s tech after receiving convincing answers.

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