BitClave partners with Shopper-marketing app - Shping

  • We’re excited to announce the partnership with Shping, the blockchain shopper marketing, brand protection and traceability platform. Shping will acceptBitclave user profiles as a sign up and login option for the Shping App.

    The announcement will see Shping accept the decentralized search engine’s 60,000 global user profiles as a shortcut to access the Shping App, making the onboarding process more seamless for Bitclave users.

    Promoted as a revolutionary “product search engine”, the Shping App enables shoppers to earn cryptocurrency for scanning product barcodes to unlock important product information that can help influence consumer purchase decisions.

    Information such as detailed ingredient and provenance information, creative content marketing, videos, product reviews, product recall status, and authenticity checks are aggregated and revealed to users of the Shping App about the products they are considering at the critical point of purchase.

    CEO and founder of Shping, Gennady Volchek says that Bitclave will join VK, Weibo, Facebook and Email as sign up and login mechanisms for the Shping App.

    “It’s part of our vision at Shping to foster accessibility blockchain and cryptocurrency for the vast majority of people,” said Volchek..

    “As shopping permeates every facet of our daily lives, we see the opportunity to make onboarding and login as easy as possible for our users, and that includes adopting identity systems like Bitclave”.

    “We align with Bitclave’s idea that a person’s identity is a commodity that should be within the owner’s control,” Volchek continued.

    “It’s one of the core tenets of the Shping platform that consumers should be rewarded well for their voluntary actions and that is why we have built a utility that enables brands to pay consumers for their attention.”

    CEO and Founder of Bitclave, Alex Bessonov said, partnering with next level technology providers like Shping further encourages the general adoption of decentralised search and identity control.

    “We are excited about this opportunity to demonstrate the utility of the Bitclave identity system, through this deal with Shping,” Bessonov said.

    About Shping

    Shping started its life as Authenticateit in 2012. Concerned about the growing threat of counterfeit and unsafe products entering legitimate retail situations, Shping’s founders developed a robust ecosystem to help organizations verify the authenticity of products through the supply chain up to the point of purchase.

    Today, Shping has evolved into a powerful, all-round brand protection, marketing and consumer engagement platform. Fueled by product information supplied by brands, retailers, government institutions, certification agencies, customs, product recall portals and GS1, Shping’s Global Product Database is set to become the largest of its kind in the world.

    Shping has recently added a revolutionary cryptocurrency-based reward system to allow product brands, retailers and related organisations to reward consumers who use the innovative Shping app to help them make smarter and safer shopping decisions.

    To read more about Shping, visit the following:

    Project Website:
    App Store:
    Blog :

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