Essentials For Choosing The Perfect CSGO Betting Sites

  • In 2012, Valve released the multiplayer first-person shooter video game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It took the world by storm when companies conducted major tournaments and leagues with prize pools amounting to millions. As a result, players from all over the world took their hobby of just watching the game to another level: they started betting with Bitcoins.

    CS:GO had their first $1 million tournament at the MLG Major Championship in Columbus, Ohio on March 29, 2016. Like the amount of the prize pools, millions of fans witnessed the event inside the arena and in the comfort of their own homes. With the participation of bettors and players from around the world, eSports Industry Awards granted CS:GO  the “eSports Game of the Year” award.

    If you want to join the community and start making profit, you need to start with the very first step: Choosing the best CS:GO betting sites. Just by surfing the net, Web 2.0 will provide you user-generated content, connecting you to hundreds of recommendations. The best ones, of course, can be determined by following the factors on how to choose the perfect site.


    Check the gambling licenses, country restrictions, and online reviews

    A legal gambling site can only operate with licenses granted by regulatory agencies or gambling control boards, make sure the site/s you’ve chosen disclose this specific information. But keep in mind that accessing these CSGO betting sites will still depend on the country or region you are in since the legalities and restrictions vary per country. For a thorough examination of the site’s legitimacy, look for first-hand experiences from other bettors on online reviews.

    Go with the site that has a user-friendly interface  

    The website’s navigation should grant you the sense of familiarity and comfortability. If you’re a new visitor to the website, every click and scroll should be easy for you. Predicting the result of CS:GO matches is hard enough, navigating the website shouldn’t give you any more problem.

    Calculate if the odds are competitive

    Many betting sites are legal and operating under a legit gambling control board, but not all betting sites offer the most competitive odds and prices. Find the one with the largest CS:GO betting markets to provide you a considerable range of betting choices.

    See if it has your preferred payment method

    Most sites accept multiple payment methods, in partnership with lots of third-party providers. But choose the one that has your preferred method or the best payment option there is: Bitcoin.

    Others also welcome fiat currencies, credit and debit cards, and bank transfers.

    Discover the generous bonuses and promotions

    Find the site with the most generous freebies and promos for both new and seasoned players. These features can extend your playtime when your funds are low. You can avail their welcome bonus, match bonus, refer-a-friend bonus, free bets, and cashback bonus.

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