Gamecredits Network Hardfork Update

  • n the next couple of days, we will issue a
    GameCredits network update. The focus of this update is to increase
    network stability and prepare for larger and exciting technological
    improvements. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to update the network
    without placing many of our existing services under maintenance. 

    So, for the next couple of days our web wallet (GWallet), our
    blockexplorer, and our mobile wallet will be unavailable. We have also
    contacted exchanges and asked them to put their GameCredits wallets
    temporarily on hold. However, our mining client/PC store will still
    function as normal. During this time all funds will be secure, and we
    encourage users to follow us on social media and join our various
    communities to receive continuous progress reports. 

    After the update is issued, we will send out
    another newsletter containing links to download the updated clients. We
    will also provide detailed instructions on how to update the wallets
    for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Please note that these instructions apply
    only to users of the GameCredits Core/QT wallet. Users with funds on our
    web wallet or exchanges will not have to take action. 

    Following this update, we will prepare for a series of larger
    improvements that will provide our network with new features. These
    features will include atomic swaps, the start of segwit signaling, HD
    wallets, preparation for hardware wallet integrations, and
    further decentralized exchange compatibility. 

    We appreciate your support and understanding during these periods of
    temporary downtime. For more information please contact us via the
    social media platforms listed below or via email at [email protected]

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