Stellar Lumens (XLM) Release wallet v9.2.0rc5 -

  • Release notes

    This release is a stability release, it makes some critical improvements that should help with network and node reliability.


    on first run stellar-core may get stuck for a while (order of a minute) while it garbage collects the bucket files - subsequent starts will not be slow. Last line before that pause will be “Loading last known ledger”.

    Stability improvements

    • Fixed an issue where the local state would get corrupted on shutdown (this would require resetting the node).
    • SCP improvements (sometimes rounds were too short, sometimes too long due to timeouts).
    • Send list of alternate nodes when shutting down connections due to load (improves discovery of alternate nodes even when connecting to ones that are full).
    • Properly garbage collect buckets left in buckets folder.
    • Fast fail when encountering unknown protocol versions.
    • Reworked the admin guide to follow a “step-by-step” approach to running a node as well as integrating updated information from various sources.

    New features

    • Automatic periodic maintenance now deletes unused historical data from SQL - it is enabled by default (controlled by AUTOMATIC_MAINTENANCE_PERIOD and AUTOMATIC_MAINTENANCE_COUNT).
    • Make sure to read the admin guide ( ).


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