Qoracoin (QORA) Release Wallet v0.26.7

  • https://avatars2.githubusercontent.com/u/11221240?s=200&v=4

    The v0.26.7 release includes the following updates:

    • Fix for issue #69 and issue #91 where interrupted threads tried to make mapdb calls
    • Improved synchronization avoiding peers without ping data
    • Improve shutdown sequence so we don't acquire new peers while shutting down existing peers
    • Slightly nicer Windows installer

    NOTE: If upgrading make sure you have a copy of your wallet seed so you can restore your accounts if anything goes wrong.


    MD5 : d4d25edcccb37001d2696951e57f691c SHA1 : 53cba161822a625a19512300929c1982ff46e98a SHA256 : 3f90bee7f694751df199119db3b37127f5a061cfae22933d2e3d999236b9bfde

    VirusTotal report for Qora_v0.26.7.zip


    MD5 : 30757bdbb6401557f0ac7396df4cb4f2 SHA1 : 796bc21bca0ac75845831608ae316bd6a2b9ff3a SHA256 : cd6aea4355074ab9625bf9ff812d79b7807351a752086fa555982bf3b9620543

    VirusTotal report for Qora-v0.26.7.exe



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