Ethereum Pool- 0% Fee | Pay TX, Uncles, Fees | USA Server | Stratum/GetWork


    Yes some may say "oh no not another pool" or "why do we need another?" but Etheres is here to help provide another option for all Ethereum miners. There are a few larger pools that have rather high total hashrates, at times nearly reaching 50%+. So Etheres is here to provide another realiable, fast and secure option to all miners who wish to check us out.

    Not only does Etheres provide another option, it also provides a fast, detailed and great looking portal for all miners to see what they want to see all in the same place! Some of the main features are listed below;

    • Anonymous Mining
    • Real time PROP payout scheme
    • Pay all Ethereum Rewards (Blocks, Uncles and Fees)
    • Detailed Pool/Worker Statsitcs
    • Accurate hashrate reporting/statistics
    • Low 0% mining fee
    • Payouts at min 0.2 ETH
    • Payouts sent hourly

    Etheres supports both eth-proxy and getwork, and has detailed instructions available here.

    Stratum Proxy - eth-proxy, claymore etc

    • Host:
    • Port: 3333

    GetWork - eth, ethminer, genoil etc

    • Host:
    • Port: 3334

    We are also contactable on twitter, e-mail and personal messages;

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