Bitmain Biggest Mining Hardware Invests In SwissBorg

  • Chinese Mining Giant Invests in CHSB, the Wealth Management Platform, SwissBorg’s Token.

    SwissBorg is very happy to announce that Bitmain Technologies, one of the world’s most notable Crypto companies and the leading producers of bitcoin machine miners, has decided to invest in CHSB, the SwissBorg token. Bitmain’s endorsement and the prospect of future collaboration and partnership with the company is welcomed by SwissBorg especially because it carries great potential in helping SwissBorg to enter and grow in the Chinese and Asian Markets.

    Bitmain Technologies, Founded in 2013, now among the world’s most recognizable Bitcoin companies, was established to develop the world’s leading bitcoin miners using Bitmain’s ASIC chip technology. They produce the world’s most power-efficient bitcoin miner. Bitmain is the producer of several brands, among them Antminer, Antpool, and Hashnest, all of which are ranked number one in their respective fields. With headquarters in Beijing, and offices in Switzerland, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, Qingdao, Chengdu, Shanghai and Shenzhen Bitmain has a broad global reach.

    SwissBorg is a wealth management platform for the crypto generation built by investment professionals. SwissBorg’s team combines its 90+ years of experience from top investment firms with smart contracts technology to build the new future of wealth management. With the issuance of the SwissBorg Network Token (CHSB), a multi-utility token, SwissBorg will be the very first community-centric wealth management platform 100 % aligned with the interests of all users.Token holders will have the opportunity to participate in the development of the SwissBorg network through the concept of “proof of meritocracy”. SwissBorg has successfully transitioned its off-chain experience onto the on-chain crypto world. We are now ready to share and collaborate with various companies and DAOs.

    “We are very proud and honored that Bitmain has recognized our expertise, believes in our model, and shares our goal of being an active and engaged member of the crypto community. We hope that this investment on their part will lead to our collaboration and will develop into a beneficial & fruitful future partnership.” — Cyrus Fazel, CEO SwissBorg.

    SwissBorg has been welcomed in more than 75 countries, with a strong presence of the Japanese community, but we want to share our message and vision further. Bitmain will support us in developing in the dynamic Asian market.

    A better partner than Bitmain is difficult to imagine on this crypto-journey.

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