Baikal Miner Launch First Cryptonight ASIC Miner - Baikal Giant-N

  • cryptonight/cryptonight-lite

    Power supply:ATX Power(12v 6pin connector*3)

    Interface:1 X Ethernet

    Temp Operation:0 ~ 40 ℃

    Dimension:198mm(L) x 125mm(W) x 139mm(H)



    Announcement:On Sale

    Purchase consulting:

    Skype:    baikalminer

    E-mail:    [email protected]

    industry, lots of factors can effect profit(coin price, net-difficulty,
    machine cost, etc), must be careful about your investment.

    Contact customer service:

    [email protected] (befor-sale)

    [email protected] (after-sale)

    1). Currently Only accept payment by USD dollar now.

    2). Please contact customer service for asking corresponding price.

    Miners are customized products according to customer's requirements, and
    therefore investments need to be cautious. Product’s after-sale service
    is as follows. Once the purchase is completed, it means the recognition
    of the policies.

    1. No refund and return after the payment.

    2. A 45-day warranty for miners.

    The following conditions will make the warranty invalid:

    1. Disassembled machine, unauthorized changes, or replacement of components.

    2. Damage caused by lightning strike, voltage surge, faulty power supply, etc.

    3. Burnt circuit boards or chips.

    4. Damage by water, damp or corrosion.

    In the case of the above, we will provide paid maintenance service. The
    freight fee of maintenance is paid by the buyer, and we are not
    responsible for the loss of income during the maintenance period.

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