Etherty -Real-estate backed cryptocurrency | Crowdsale & Trading of Global Properties

  • With our ethos to innovate, disrupt and deliver, we are excited to introduce a portal that will forever transform the way we deal in real estate. Etherty commoditises property for everyone and provides a platform that makes it accessible for them

    Real Estate Market Sectors on Etherty

    The chart below shows how Etherty’s process of buying and selling properties is simplified and made accessible through our portal

    Purchase Real Estate through Etherty

    Why is Etherty Revolutionary?

    Among the components of our offering, three will be game changers in how property deals will be done in the future

    How does Etherty intend on making money?

    Technical Solution

    The Etherty Portal will consist of 4 main components:

    Technology Components

    Smart Contracts

    Smart Contracts are autonomously deployed once approved and executed as buyers purchase property tokens during the live sales. Etherty will develop the interfaces to allow real estate sellers to initiate the creation of a smart contract via the web and mobile applications. All terms & conditions of sale including target sale price (validated by valuations from reputed industry professionals), token code, token price, sale period, start & end dates for the property ICO, specific KYC/AML requirements and minimum contributions required from buyers will be set prior to the approval of the listing.
    The contract goes live on the dates specified and runs through to the end-date or until the sale price target is achieved. Failure to achieve the sale target will result in all funds being reimbursed to buyers at the conclusion of the sale period. On a successful sale the newly minted tokens are listed on the ETP to allow fast
    and secure trades.

    Etherty Property Portal

    A property owner may wish to sell their property as per the below cases:

    Crowd-Sale & Trading of Properties

    Real estate will be tokenized and made available as a crowd-sale for investors via a smart contract. These sales will function just like ICOs do – time bound, with a target amount based on the 3rd party valuations of the properties on offer. Buyers will be given the option to pay in fiat and cryptocurrency (based on the buyer’s location). Funds will be held in an escrow account until the sale is complete. Once the property is registered for ownership, the tokens are distributed and listed on the ETP.
    Etherty will enable the creation of custom Tokens for each project. This will give our users control over realising the returns they are looking for, and also allow them to participate in exciting new global developments that we will release with their existing investment amounts.
    There will essentially be two major types of real estate tokens depending on whether the project provides a fixed return after a specified period/time or if each coin represents a unit of property. The two tokens will be:

    Etherty will work closely with the developer to launch the type of token that best suits the developer’s requirement.

    Etherty Trading Platform

    The ETP is a custom-built decentralised exchange (DEX). This exchange is based on the principles of a regular stock exchange where the Property Tokens can be liquidated or exchanged for other property tokens, crypto-currencies or fiat currency.

    The ETP platform is envisioned to be the ‘social’ network for buyers who are new to the property market to mingle with seasoned and experienced investors. Trading information and data from highly successful investors will allow the new members to assess and ‘copy’ trades of these top performing traders (traders may choose to hide ID) to reduce risk and improve returns. The exchange platform will come with a suite of tools and privacy options that will allow users to maintain a public or private (anonymous) profile
    on the platform.

    The decentralisation of the platform will allow Etherty Token holders to become a vital part of the system. Active nodes will be rewarded for verification and validation of transactions by earning the right to a percentage of the fees collected for each trade that takes place on the platform.

    Every property asset will have a smart contract governing the trades of the property tokens. Token holders will indicate their intention to sell at the current market price. Buyers will be able to purchase using fiat and cryptocurrency (based on the regulations of countries of residence). A small fee will be charged by the platform for validating, verifying and processing the trade which will be included in the final purchase price (paid by buyer & seller). The transaction is immediately recorded on the platform and property tokens are transferred to the buyer while the funds are released to the seller

    Buying and selling property tokens

    Etherty Services

    The service portfolio will include:

    Etherty Token

    There will be a total supply of 240,000,000 ETY tokens. All the tokens will be distributed following the completion of the ICO. New tokens cannot be created and existing tokens cannot be destroyed. As there is a steady rise in the use of the Etherty platform, demand for ETYs will continue to increase, resulting in value appreciation of ETY as more users join the Etherty platform to participate in property sales and perform trades. Our network growth programme will also reward new users and partners to earn Etherty tokens for their contribution in growing
    the platform.

    ICO Offering

    The Etherty token (ETY) is based on the ERC20 protocol which makes it compatible with all wallets that support the standard. The returns for our initial backers will be as follows:

    ICO Sale Structure

    The Etherty ICO will be conducted in 4 stages, as defined below:

    Funds Allocation






    white paper:

    short paper:







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