[Bounty] Taskfair Token - Working Man's Bitcoin - Decentralized Ecosystem for Home Service on Demand

  • Taskfair's mission is to change the way the Gig Economy marketplaces work and value
    ideas. The home services industry will be the first step of Taskfair’s mission to
    transform the Gig Economy. Taskfair goal is to become the top solution that empowers
    users and service providers and promotes the effective matchmaking of transparency,
    efficiency, contracts security and high quality standards.
    The mission encompasses:

    • Creation of a revolutionary project job hiring ecosystem that enables users to
    better find and safely work with contractors (by using blockchain technology).

    • Utilization of native tokens for the creation, buying and selling of Gig Economy
    services, products and intellectual property.

    • To become a cryptocurrency that embodies the standard valuation metric of all
    Gig Economy marketplaces. Taskfair will revolutionize the process for the serviceon-
    demand market and empower an entire new wave of Gig Economy innovators.


    The home services market is larger than ride sharing, rentals or food delivery markets,
    and it is projected to expand over the coming years. Among the leaders The United
    States has the largest home services market.


    Taskfair is creating and evolving a blockchain-powered ecosystem for home service on
    demand platforms and gig economy marketplaces. The ecosystem will enable end
    users to hire and engage service providers in a seamless, safe, secure manner with
    minimal transaction costs.
    Taskfair ecosystem will be decentralized and controlled by Taskfair Community with the
    help of Taskfair Token. Utilization of Taskfair technology and ecosystem would be open
    sourced and free for all home service on demand platforms and gig economy
    Taskfair will fulfill its mission by launching and implementing a decentralized Platform
    that uses blockchain technology. The Platform is the part of the Taskfair ecosystem,
    where technology would be tested and launched for users and service providers all
    over the world.
    The Taskfair platform is website and app that aggregates listings from trusted market
    sources, is extremely low cost (e.g., minimal transaction fees) and offers and safe user
    protection with an Ethereum-based escrow smart contract. Taskfair will structure an
    external token (the “Taskfair token”) and an internal token (the “Taskfair Dollar”) both of
    which are described below.
    Second blockchain layer or Taskfair ecosystem is Home Improvement community with
    Steemit implementation.!


    Ethereum-based Tokens 

    As mentioned above, there will be an external currency and an internal currency. Emission of the external currency, the Taskfair Token, will occur during the Taskfair Token Generation Event. Taskfair tokens are available for purchase on the Taskfair platform. Taskfair tokens will also be available on certain exchanges in 2018. The Taskfair Dollar is the internal currency. The rationale for an internal currency is to protect the operation of smart contracts inside the Taskfair network against potential token volatility in the cryptocurrency marketplace. In this way, the internal and external currencies will be decoupled. The Taskfair Dollar value will be calibrated to the USD rate, and it will be updated on daily basis. Users can purchase Taskfair Dollars only inside the Taskfair platform. The only currency accepted for purchasing Taskfair Dollars is the Taskfair token. 

    Steemit and the Creation of a Home Improvement Community. 

    Taskfair seeks to do more than connect end users with a handyman or useful analytics. Taskfair’s ambition is to create a genuine community. This community will provide buoyancy and valuable knowledge with respect to the home improvement journey. Home improvement is emotional, if not sacred. Taskfair understands the delicate hand that needs to be applied to the sensitivities and preferences of a household. The world is full of discouraging experiences and personalities in the quest for home improvement. A Taskfair community will form, and the members of this community will propel one another with an exuberant dialogue and motivating posts. This exchange of ideas will encompass everything from design tips to “how to” knowledge. Taskfair will integrate Steemit into Taskfair’s platform in order to structure a reward based system in which end users receive cryptocurrency for upvotes. Taskfair’s community members can upvote content that users deem to be valuable, such as a post, blog, video or other correspondence has been contributed by the end user.


    Status and Features.

    Taskfair’s roadmap is set forth further below, with specific dates.

    • Version 0.9 of the Taskfair platform is already live. It is a alpha version of website
    incorporating fiat payments. Version 0.9 currently allows for customers to post
    requests, along with a proposed budget, and for service providers to respond to
    posts in order to negotiate terms and engage. Version 0.9 also provides special
    rewards for home improvements performed within one week. Payments are
    accepted in fiat currency. To view this WIP product, please visit http://taskfair.com/

    • Version 1.0, the Taskfair token will be available for use on the Taskfair platform.
    Version 1.0 will incorporate smart contracts (in test mode) that allow for entry into
    the system through Taskfair Tokens. Escrow accounts will be structured for each
    purchase in order to minimize risk for customers. Transactions can occur in
    Taskfair Dollars, at the customer’s option.1 As of March 2018, the Taskfair use case
    and home services on demand experience will be available on the Taskfair platform
    using existing technology.

    • Version 2.0 of Taskfair Platform will be mobile app and website with updated
    escrow features. As discussed in this White Paper’s use case section, Version 2.0
    will bear the features set forth below. (Please visit the use case section, below, for
    additional detail.)
    A. Contract enforcement mechanisms.
    B. Dispute resolution mechanisms.
    C. User IDs to expedite repeat visits.
    D. Reciprocal rating systems.
    E. An aggregator platform capability with respect to service provider
    F. Ability to purchase home improvement products and accessories.

    G. Profile creation to display home improvement achievements (and receive

    upvotes and rewards).

    • Version 3.0 of Taskfair Platrorm will bear the features set forth below. (Please visit
    the use case section, below, for additional detail.)
    A. Follow the home improvement projects of professional athletes and
    B. Progress tracking and analytics showing exciting home improvement
    results, real time repair data, as well an ability to earn upvotes and rewards
    based on superlative analytics and home improvement achievements.
    C. Community and voting features, including home improvement meetups,
    contests and associated rewards.
    D. The ability to post services as urgent or to place priority listings. =
    E. The ability to sell and purchase Taskfair tokens to and from other token
    F. Special features for service providers (demand analytics, purchase and
    sale of tools and products, advertising on the platform, setup of exclusive
    shops on the platform).
    G. Interoperability with home insurance providers.

    Taskfair Roadmap


    Bonuses will decrease progressively from 30% to 0%, as follows:

    30% - Pre-Sale Week 1

    20% - Pre- Sale Week 2

    10% - Pre- Sale Week 3

    5% - Pre- Sale Week 4

    Split Issuance


    Pre-sales will commence on March 15th and conclude on April 15th, 2018.
    Funds raised during pre-sales will be used to expand the Token Generation Event
    marketing campaign.
    Taskfair seeks to raise $5,00,000 during this pre-sales period.
    Pre-sales will be capped at 50,000,000 Taskfair tokens.
    During this pre-sales period, Taskfair tokens (TFTs) will be sold with the attractive
    bonuses from 5 to 30% from the original price ($0.10).

    Token Generating Event and Token Sales.

    The Token Generating Event will occur from April 16th, 2018, to May 16th, 2018.
    Taskfair seeks to raise $10 000 000 during this TGE period.
    During the TGE, Taskfair tokens (TFTs) will be sold with original price ($0.10).

    Allocation of Funds Raised.

    Profits from funds raised from the 150 million Taskfair tokens sold will be allocated as
    30% will be allocated to development of systems, infrastructure and other IT related
    issues connected with evolving the Taskfair technical platform. As discussed, if
    Taskfair raises sufficient funding, Taskfair will incorporate HIaaS into Version 3.0.
    50% will be dedicated to marketing, business development and product growth. Please
    find details and estimates below.
    10% will be reserved for the management team being able to give the project focus.

    5% will be dedicated to operations, legal and customer support to ensure that Taskfair
    remains compliant and running.
    5% will be dedicated to a working capital for cryptocash exchanges and as a fractional
    reserve to contain against price volatility.

    Taskfair bounty campaign!

    Percentage of tokens allocated for the bounty campaign: 2% ( 4 000 000 TFT’s)

    Special reward for completing KPI’s - +50%!

    Terms + Conditions

    • Stakes will be distributed every week, on Wednesday.
    • First stake distribution will take place on the 13th of December.
    • We leave ourselves the right to remove you from campaign if we think that you are cheating or spamming.
    • Stakes are removed when the person is removed from campaign.
    • We can refuse to let you participate in our campaign for any reason.
    • If you don’t meet the minimum amount of posts, you will not receive any stake for the current week, but you will remain in the campaign.

    Signature campaign

    Percentage of stakes for the campaign: 40>#/p###


    • 1. Member:  100 Stakes  / Week
    • 2. Full Member: 125 Stakes  / Week + 20  for avatar
    • 3. Sr. Member: 135 Stakes  / Week + 30  for avatar
    • 4. Hero Member/Legendary: 150 Stakes  / Week + 40  for avatar

    Signature campaign instructions

    Blog campain

    Percentage of stakes for the campaign: 10>#/p###

    Blog bounty is awarded to content-makers, bloggers and vloggers that write about TaskFair.

    To participate just write a 100+ words long text regarding the project and publish it on your website. The better is your text - the more stakes you will receive.

    Blog contest rules:

    • 1. All the texts must be published online and accessible by everyone.
    • 2. Your text must be original.
    • 3. We don’t allow websites with no audience or new websites; the website where you choose to publish your text, must be at least 2 months old, and must have the user activity.
    • 4. Your text must be 100 words or more.
    • 5. Your post must include at least 1 link: to Taskfair website *link*, Taskfair ICO ANN thread *link*, other Taskfair social medias *link* *link* *link* or to the other articles about the project.
    • 6. Make sure you’ve read Taskfair website and/or whitepaper and have an idea of what the project is about.


    • 25 stakes for any post/video/blog.
    • KPI +50%: The post has more than 100 views on the platform where it’s published, and has scored 80%+ on anti-plagiarism check (for articles).
    • Also make sure that your text can pass factcheck and doesn't have typos and errors.

    Blog campain instructions

    Social media campaign

    • Percentage of stakes for the campaign: 25>#/li###
    • Take part in the Social Media Bounty - share and like us in Facebook + Twitter and get rewards!
    • 10 stakes for a week when participating in any of the bounties.

    KPI 50%+ is reached when the project has

    • Telegram group members: 3500+
    • Twitter: 3500+ followers
    • Youtube: 2000+ subscribers
    • Facebook: 1000+ subscribers
    • Medium: 150+ followers
    • Reddit: 150+ followers
    • Official ANN Thread: 50+ pages



    • - All tweets must be in English.
    • - You must make at least 10 tweets about TASKFAIR overall (over the course of the whole campaign), including - in each! - a link to our website, hashtag #Taskfair (obligatory at all times), and at least one of the following hashtags: #blockchain, #cryptocurrency, #ICO, #altcoin. Only 1 tweet per day will count.
    • - You must retweet at least 10 tweets overall (over the course of the whole campaign), only from (tweeted by) our official Twitter account . Only 1 retweet per day will count.
    • - You cannot remove the tweets or the retweets you made during this bounty campaign or unfollow our Twitter account until its end plus one week. This will make sure you quickly pass all checks.
    • + 25% stakes for more than 1000 followers
    • + 50% for more than 5000 followers



    • - You must like and repost at least 8 posts overall (over the course of the whole campaign), only from (posted by) our official Facebook account. Only 1 like+repost per day will count.
    • - You must make at least 8 posts about TASKFAIR overall (over the course of the whole campaign), including - in each! - a link to our website, hashtag #TASKFAIR (obligatory at all times), and at least one of the following hashtags: #blockchain, #cryptocurrency, #ICO, #altcoin. Only 1 post per day will count.
    • - You cannot remove posts, likes or the reposts you made during this bounty campaign or unfollow our Facebook account until its end plus one week. This will make sure you quickly pass all checks.
    • - All posts must be in English.
    • TASKFAIR reserves the right to change terms and conditions and add new ones at any time at its sole discretion.


    • Join the official English TASKFAIR group – 10 Stakes.
    • Be active at least three (3) times a week. WRITE ONLY INFORMATIVE MESSAGES. Messages like "Hi", "Hello", "Joined" etc. – won’t be counted

    Translations campaign

    Percentage of stakes for the campaign: 25%

    *Must have experience translating crowdsale threads and translation threads to refer us to.


    • - Please do not submit a request to translate unless you are truly fluent in the relevant language and at least relatively fluent in English. Software translations will not be accepted.
    • - Translators may only apply to translate one language. Applications to translate multiple languages will not be accepted, so please make sure to apply for the language you are strongest in.
    • - If accepted as a thread translator, translated thread MUST be completed and submitted within 72 hours of acceptance. Further details will be provided to individual translators upon acceptance.
    • - If you have any questions about the translations bounty campaign, please contact me through Telegram: @Asvior2k


    - Taskfair site translation: 200 stakes

    - Taskfair [ANN] thread translation and posting of it: 100 stakes

    - Taskfair [ANN] thread management: 1 stake per 1 post in your language’s thread (this will be audited for manipulation).

    - Taskfair whitepaper translation: 200 stakes

    Finished translations:

    We are not in need for translations to these languages:

    All other languages are welcome!

    Translations bounty stakes will be distributed proportionally according to number of stakes earned.



    white paper:https://tokens.taskfair.com/Ta...












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