[Steem Mobile] First Steem Mobile App Update - Invites You To Beta Testing (Android, iOS)

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    Let me start by saying, thank you everyone for trying your best to keep community and posts in order. And thank you @ned and @dan for initiating and creating such a wonderful platform. I am following codebase and can see daily it is improving and evolving.

    Mobile application will come as cross platform support for Android and iOS (Blackberry, WinPhone). And it is open source. Even though I have provided first mobile wrap version of steemit.com, I thought there is yet to be mobile device oriented development. So here comes first official update of Steem Mobile.


    Managed to follow C++ code of Steem and follow some documentation of excellent developers like @xeroc, @fabien . Development is hybrid mobile application, anyone who is willing to contribute, very welcome. A lot of development ahead and I am proud to be part of this community.
    Statistic for wrap version shows that there is huge demand on mobile app, even though it was just wrap version. Now with custom, new version, hope there will be more users. And features will be to help them use system in its most functionality.


    Appreciate testers for all different devices and all different platforms (iOS, Android, etc.)
    For Android we already have published app wrapped version of steemit.com, which will get updated with new changes once we have some beta testing and improve functionalities.
    Login feature still not fully functional, only use username to follow your votes, profile, etc. Currently it is read only mode. Once login is implemented properly with all security measures, you will be able to vote, post, comment, etc.

    • Join Android beta testing [update should be available in couple hours]
    • iOS beta testing requires, Testflight. I am in process of setting this up, will update soon.

    Feature list

    • View and read posts, comments
    • Sort by trend, hot, new, active, etc.
    • Add/Watch account (current state of login)
    • View profile pages (blog, posts, recent replies, wallet, permissions)
    • Change websocket connection server

    Screencast (6:39 min)

    As you can see some improvements will follow


    • Improve navigation
    • Improve Content markdown parser
    • Share post
    • Security measures to keep private keys encrypted locally which requires below features
    • Implement proper login for local transaction creation and signing
    • Local transaction creation
    • Local transaction signing (which allows further functionalities like, voting, posting, commenting, etc)

    Possible future features

    • Different views (list view and card view of feed)
    • Night/Day/Read mode
    • Push notifications (subscribe with tag or user, etc. and get notified as soon as there is new post/update)

    I have asked couple questions from anyone who might know the answer to, please check local transaction creation/signature here. Getting invite to slack would be big help to get feedback or ask questions from senior Steemers, please send invite to [email protected], if possible, thanks.
    Latest changes are not pushed yet, but project is open source.

    You have some suggestions, feedback, feature request please use github issue tracker

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