Complete Evolution of Roulette

  • The history of gambling can be traced back in China, but the very first practice of casino games are still unknown to man. The first land-based casinos landed in Europe, and later in the United States. In today’s generation, casinos are considered a hobby. And one of the best examples of these is the Roulette.


    Roulette is a type of casino game made by wheels. In fact, its name is a French word that means little wheel. The very first Roulette equipment was designed in 18th century France and has been presented in many activities in Paris. Many theories and conspiracies claim that the very idea of the game originally came from ‘Roly Poly’ and ‘Even-Odd’ from 17th century Europe. Some also claim that Blaise Pascal, a prominent French inventor and mathematician, invented a primitive version of Roulette before the game was introduced to the mainstream public.

    The promotion and introduction of Roulette to the world was made possible by Francois and Louis Blanc, French entrepreneurs and casino operators. The two changed the initial design of the Roulette (one zero and one double zero pockets with red and black colors) by eliminating the double zero pocket and transforming it into modern European Roulette.


    Roulette exists in online and land-based casinos. The standard wheel contains groupings of odd and even numbers in colors red and black. The game is very easy since players just need to place their bets on the number/s, colors, or sets they want and wait for the result once the wheel stop spinning and the ball landed on the lucky area. Land-based or traditional casinos still use the standard equipment, but online casinos changed the game with the introduction of Bitcoin roulette. You don’t need to visit the nearest or farthest casino in your are, all you need to do is connect your PCs, mobile phones, or tablets to the internet.

    Bitcoin roulette in online casinos is, of course, digital in nature. The inclusion of this digital currency revolutionized the way people bet on casino since it allows decentralized peer-to-peer transactions. In this case, the peer is the online casino operator. There is no government or financial institution to stop the players from placing their bets on the wheel. Bitcoin makes it possible for players to enjoy anonymous betting, instant deposits and cashouts, and zero transaction fees. For a complete betting experience, many online casinos launched Live Roulette with VIP treatment, native speaking live dealers, and private tables.

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