Strategies of major market players

  • Today, the crypto-currency market is under strong pressure and we are seeing active sales by speculators, which are caused by panic-negative sentiment due to the recent bad news. Bitcoin -4.04% is already trading near the level of 8,500.00 USD. On the other hand, this is a good opportunity for large investors to enter the market on long-term long strategies and get good prices. This idea can be confirmed by volumes that are significantly higher than those that were earlier when Bitcoin -4.04% was at levels in the range of 10,000.00 - 11,800.00 USD. If you look at the US stock index S & P500 -0.64% chart we will see that from the beginning of the year the market is at the same level. As for gold -0.04% , then with him the same story. This suggests that major investors are not very much interested in stocks and gold -0.04% . On the other hand, you can look at 10-year and 30-year US government bonds and notice that the yield has increased since the beginning of the year, and this suggests that investors generally get rid of bonds. As a result, one can consider the option that large amounts of money now enter the crypto-currency market, and given that the crypto-currencies are now in a strong correction, this idea seems to be true, because everyone knows that large investors are entering the falling market. Comment: The same can be said about the results of yesterday's trading on the coin CREDITS ("CS"). Given that the negative sentiment on the crypto market has an impact on all altcoins, "CS" also felt the pressure of sellers and declined. But if we look more closely at the dynamics of the price, then we will see purchases for large volumes in times of price reduction, which is characterized as a strategy of buying by large investors.

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