New comments from politicains

  • Yesterday there were parliamentary hearings on the crypto-currency in the US, which was organized by the Securities Commission. It is worth noting that decisions on concrete actions were not taken and the opinions of politicians differ, some politicians consider crypto-currencies to be a "dummy", others argue that "crypto-currencies need to be carefully studied." Also, the head of the International Fund Christine Lagarde called for a more rigid regulation of the crypto-currency sector. So far, all comes down to the comments of politicians and the market continues to decline amid negative investor sentiment.

    For yesterday, bitcoin again updated its local lows and reached the level of 7665.1 after it returned above the strong support level of 8000 and is currently trading in the range of 7800.00 - 8400.00. Now the trades are mostly on speculative strategies and it is worth considering the scenario in which if the price can pass below the level of 7800.00 then the stop loss order will start and we will see further downward movement.

    Coin CREDITS ("CS") yesterday found support for buyers at 0.00067 CS / ETH and is currently trading above these levels. According to the data on the contract "CS", for yesterday, the number of holders of coins increased by 2152 and the volume of transactions amounted to 9.8 million coins for the day against 4.9 average. An important event yesterday was the participation of CREDITS ("CS") at the 4th Annual Block Сhain Finance & Fin-tech China in Shanghai, where CEO & Founder Igor Chugunov has presented opportunities and advantages of platform of CREDITS.

    Now the coin is worth 0.00072 CS / ETH and is still in demand by investors, a large volume of bids is in the range 0.00067 - 0.0007 CS / ETH.

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