Everything You Need to Know About CryptoCurrency Airdrops

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    Free stuff is great right? But whenever you get something for free you always wonder “What’s the catch?” That’s because we know that you rarely get something for nothing, and that anything which seems too good to be true usually is.

    Well in the cryptocurrency world the traditional rules rarely apply, and the creators of new tokens and coins have found a way to challenge the idea that free stuff always comes with a catch with a little trick of their own and it’s called an “Airdrop”.

    What is an Airdrop?

    In the most simple terms an airdrop is nothing more than free coins that are given away by the development team. There are many ways that this is done. In some cases the coins simply show up without warning in your wallet.

    In other cases there are requirements that need to be met to get the airdropped coins. Perhaps it requires signing up for the development team’s Telegram channel and following or interacting with them there. It could require you to promote the coin on Twitter in some way, or on another social media site.

    You may have to hold a certain amount of another coin in your wallet to receive the airdropped coins. There are any number of requirements and they differ from one airdrop to another, because in the wild west of cryptocurrencies there are no rules.

    The development teams make up their own rules as they go along, deciding what requirements best suit their needs before distributing free coins.

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