RamenCoin Airdrop - 300 Million RamenCoins will be airdropped!

  • 300 Million RamenCoins will be airdropped!

    We would like to thank the cryptocurrency community for supporting RamenCoin by airdropping 300 Million RAMEN Tokens. We want our community to grow and for more people to familiarize themselves with our project. The airdrop is our token of appreciation for your valued support! On May 25th at 23:59 GTM a snapshot of RamenCoin’s telegram group members will be taken.

    We will airdrop 300 Million RAMEN Tokens (each participant will receive between 1,000 & 20,000 $RAMEN) per eligible member. To become eligible for the airdrop, you must:

    1. Join our telegram group (click here)
    2. Follow us on Twitter (click here)
    3. Retweet THIS tweet on your twitter account (click here).
    4. Join our Discord Channel (click here)
    5. Like our Facebook Page (click here)
    6. Subscribe to our SubReddit (click here)

    To claim your tokens you’ll need to fill out the form to provide us with your Telegram username, Twitter username, and Ethereum wallet address.

    The airdrop will be available only for the first 15,000 people that follow the above instructions.

    IMPORTANT: Bot and Spam accounts or users who do not actively engage in the Telegram group WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE AIRDROP. Our airdrop is for active participants who express legitimate interest in our project. Those of you only looking to get free tokens and not support the community, do not waste your time because you will not get them. BE ACTIVE in the community. We’re monitoring Telegram and will review your twitter page to see if you are a REAL and ACTIVE user on Twitter and in the cryptocommunity.

    NOTE: Even if our Telegram group reaches 15,000 people or our Tweet is Retweeted 15,000 times, that does not mean the Airdrop is closed. All participants must follow the above steps to be eligible. This means that the Airdrop is will remain open until we officially announce that it is closed on our official social media channels.

    The airdrop will take place in June after we’ve carefully checked the information provided on the form and confirmed that each person who signed up followed the instructions of the airdrop.

    Check out our website!!!!


    Join our telegram group now! https://t.me/ramencoin

    And follow us on Twitter! https://twitter.com/RamenCoin2018

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