BitClave Weekly Update - Platform, Marketing,Events/meetings

  • BitClave Weekly Update — Mar 19, 2018



    We have started development of Platform into Products according to our integration plan. The 1st products to include BASE functionality are BASE Login ™ and BASE Vault ™ . BASE platform will provide a Login widget and secure encrypted data storage. We started Login widget development and worked on hardening security of the solution.


    In the last week, we worked on exciting projects that we will be announcing soon via all the Marketing channels including our events. Stay tuned for the updates on our social media channels and upcoming events in Asia and Europe.

    We are privy to the fact that Google is banning ads from June 2018 by joining what Facebook did very recently. We understand the nuances behind it and there will be more emphasis given to organic content and to building a passionate community who can spread our message of building a better Internet for the future. Our detailed review on the Google ban and our recent ban on our old Facebook page is scheduled to be published this week.


    We attended TokenFest conference Our CEO, Alex Bessonov, gave a presentation about data privacy and how BitClave addresses it. Please see some pictures and presentations here. We had a booth setup on the convention floor with hundreds of visitors, including many of our current users (Thank you!).

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