{ANN} The CryptoCoinMan Coin - POW/POS SCRYPT

  • Hi guys Tony here with an proposal for you all to feast your eyes upon.

    I have been testing and would like to release my own POW/POS SCRYPT coin to help grow and maintain my mining pool. Although the profits of my mining pool goes back into the running off the pool, I would like to expand my server to allow for other coins to be added, such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

    I am proposing quite a high premine of 68% giving us 53,550,000 coins and a total coin production of 78,750,000 and I would keep 27,310,500 as company shares and 26,239,500 shares will be up for an ICO to raise money for server expansion and maintenace etc... I will be looking for an escrow holder to help look after the funds and ensure no abuse to the balance.

    The coins earnt from mining will be used two ways:

    1) To pay for upkeep of server/improvements/advertising/development.
    2) Buying back the coin on exchanges and improving the price.

    The POS/POW will be 20% per year and the ICO will be 0.0001BTC.

    If you have any thought or suggestions on this, I am more than happy listen.



    **Update 1**

    For ICO purchases the following BTC address will be used:


    Please message me with TX ID and your CryptoCoinMan wallet address for shares.

    Mining Pool


    Windows Wallet Download


    Block Explorer


    Anything that has already mined will be also be included in the ICO!


    **Update 2**

    To mine the coin please point your miners to the following:

    www.thecryptocoinman.com:9032 u YOUR WALLET -p X -

    This is Vardiff port


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