district0x Dev Update - d0xINFRA Updates, Meme Factory Updates

  • district0x Dev Update - March 20th, 2018

    Development progress and product changes from district0x

    The most recent development cycle has given us just enough time to bring the tasks we began in the last development update to completion. The majority of our GraphQL module has been finished, the IPFS wrapper library is all but complete, and we continue to expand the base upon which the entire platform operates.

    In addition to these tasks, we have been continuing to interview and source talent for a Clojurescript developer role, and are in the final stages with several candidates. With good fortune we should have news to share regarding this soon!

    d0xINFRA Updates

    In Progress/Completed

    In our last update, we mentioned an ongoing project to produce a Clojurescript interface for the js-ipfs-api library. As of today, we are in the very final stages, with all pieces in place and testing for smooth compiles to production. This is expected to be done in the next day or two.

    Meme Factory Updates

    In Progress

    The most difficult aspects of our GraphQL module mentioned previously have been completed. The final polishing, testing, and documentation remains for the coming weeks, before integration into Meme Factory and d0xINFRA.


    The inhouse design entries for the upcoming Community Design Polls are finished. We’ve got prototype DANK logos as well as a slew of color themes for participants to vote on, and we’re excited to finally reveal them. Meme Factory’s development also proceeds without a hitch. Smart contract deployment flows are done.

    What’s Next?

    The progress towards Meme Factory’s launch continues at a smooth and steady pace. We will open the Community Design Contest up for submission in the coming weeks. We are also imminently and eagerly awaiting the launch of Aragon v0.5 to the Ethereum Mainnet as a precursor to the Community Design Polls, which will serve to give the community a real taste of what Meme Factory has in store.

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