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    Hello and welcome to YoCoin - a digital currency that runs decentralized smart contracts! We welcome all developers to build and monetize their applications on top of this platform.

    It’s awesome that you are interested in YoCoin and we hope that you will contribute toward this project in your own unique way. We are excited to see what cool ideas you are able to bring to life using our platform.

    Please check out our blog post How to access YoCoin on the Mist Wallet. In which we explain in more detail how to access YOC.

    We also welcome you to join our Live Chat. Let your opinions be heard!


    Installing YoCoin
    YoCoin Swap Form
    YoCoin Swap Status







  • New Yocoin Roadmap:

  • Company registered and hiring talent!


    Great news our company has been registered in Dubai called:

    Yocoin Limited

    Also we are looking for some talent:

    We are looking for an american laywer that can help us! Please contact axente on slack if you can help out.


  • How to run fast sync on Mist using geth:

    The following will guide you through the procedure of running a fast sync via geth –fast on Windows OS 10 for Mist for those running their Ethereum Wallet client for the first time.

    Note:–fast can only be run if you are syncing your blockchain from scratch and only the first time you download the blockchain for security reasons, always ensure you are using the latest release;


    Step 1: Open command prompt (Administrative privileges not required;Don’t run as Administrator):

    Step 2: Go the file directory for geth which looks like following on Windows OS: ~\Ethereum-Wallet-win64-0-7-4\resources\node\geth and drag using your mouse the geth file (a) from its location and place it into the command prompt window (b):

    Step 3: You would see the following below if you did it properly: path to the geth file in your command prompt window

    edit geth.exe to geth –fast as seen in (a) below.

    Step 4:Click Enter and you should observe the following below if successful as the node begins to download the blockchain data;

    Its progress above would be reflected in the Ethereum Mist Splash page progress bar as seen in picture below:

    Step 5: Upon successful sync to the latest block, the Mist wallet interface should load perfectly.


    Network Time error: if you see the following as shown in the picture below while geth is running:


  • Right click time (a) at the bottom right of the your screen as shown in picture below:
    • Select Adjust date/time and click Additional date, time & regional settings (a) in picture below located near the bottom right of your page.
    • Click set date and time(a) as shown in picture below:

    • Click Internet Time (a) and Change settings (b):

    • Click synchronize with internet server time(a), select time.windows.com as your server, click update(b) and press OK.(c)

    This should fix the network time error and your would see geth client continue to download till the latest block.

    What is really going on?

    Instead of processing the entire blockchain one link at a time, and replay all transactions that ever happened in history, fast syncing downloads the transaction receipts along the blocks, and pulls an entire recent state database.

  • Official Newsletter – Issue 2016-002

    On our blog, you will be able to follow all our latest advancements and developments, which there are many, along with other cryptocurrency news as it happens daily.

    We want keep you informed of everything that is occurring as we progress along.

    As you will soon witness, there will be a new, fully functional, blog put in place by early next week.

    You’ll be able to see advancements we are making as our new development team puts the finishing touches on this.

    Right now, the new blog contains a large amount of “dummy” posts or content to aid in the build out process but that will all be removed once the designing and operating system is completed.

    Latest Developments

    We have a new social media manager as well that has started and will be posting the most current updates about the company as it happens.

    Our new marketing and development team is dedicated in building our global brand and making YOcoin number 1 in the World.

    It is important to note that everyone should be activating their accounts as soon as possible or topping up their accounts before our Grand Launch and the release of the Accelerator Program.

    This ensures you qualify for the bonuses being offered and you are first in line for the BIG money makers that we are getting ready to release.

    These developments have come off of the recommendations of some of the biggest developers in the Bitcoin market and have yet to be introduced with any cryptocurrency.

  • How to purchase EPINs and provide required information and what to expect after purchase

  • How to activate a YOcoin Account

    How to activate EPINs

  • How to transfer EPINs to another YOcoin member

  • Pay Your Bills With YoCoin

    You can pay any bill from any company in the US, Canada, or the UK...

    Tier #1

    For bills between $50 and $500, we charge a flat fee of 15% of the total amount paid.

    Select This Tier

    Tier #2

    For bills between $501 and $1,000, we charge a flat fee of 10% of the total amount paid.

    Select This Tier

    Tier #3

    For bills of $1,001 and up, we charge a flat fee of 5% of the total amount paid.

    Select This Tier

    Why use YoBills.co?

    Many YoCoin and cryptocurrency fans are participating in this exciting new technology because they have grown tired with the politics and overall government control of fiat currencies and the various financial systems across the globe.

    The problem with this is we all still need to pay our bills, such as rent, electricity, water, sewer, cable or satellite TV, internet, and more.

    Our platform allows you to keep your wealth stored in the cryptocurrency you love, without having to transfer in and out of fiat just to pay your bills.

    We are cryptocurrency enthusiasts, just like our users. We created YoBills.co to provide yet another use case for YoCoin and currencies like it, and empower YoCoin users to do even more with their YoCoin.

  • How to withdraw yocoin?Redeem yocoin

    step 1

    register to yocoin exchange

    Yocoin Exchange link

    step 2

    fill up the registration

    step 3

    confirm your email

    step 4

    enable 2fa

    step 5

    generate Yocoin Address

    step 6

    login to yocoin back office

    Back OfficeLink:HTTPS://SECURE.YOCOIN.ORG/

  • Goodnews Yocoiners

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