[ICO] Sprintx - An ICO Maker with an integrated exchange for Startups

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    Sprintx is a platform for entrepreneurs and the development of new business ideas, that will open up the potential of the cryptocurrency market with the support of SwitchX as a multifunctional exchange with debit card access.


    Build a Smart City that will function as a Tech-hub for Startups enabling the necessary 
    tools and financial entities to launch their own ICOs and convert their cryptocurrencies 
    into fiat currency.


    Create self-sufficient communities by using blockchain technology for business 
    innovation to improve people’s lives.

    ICO Objectives.

    In order for our vision to be fulfilled we are launching our Token Sale via an Initial Coin Offering 
    (ICO) with the following main objectives:

    -Launch the ICO Maker platform to provide technology tools and consultant services 
    for Startups called SprintX.

    -Launch the Crypto and Fiat Exchange called SwitchX to provide conversion of 
    cryptocurrencies and debit card services as spending solution for cryptocurrencies.

    -Acquiring at least six existing Banks in different areas of the world to allow additional 
    banking services for Startups and our Investors such as Wealth Management.

    -Obtain the financial backing for Fundación NOVA which has the purpose of fueling 
    Startups and Entrepreneurs with funding, advisory, and business growth services 
    as well as providing them with a Campus where Startups can test and deploy their 
    We will provide the why and how of each of these objectives to give clarity and visibility to all of 
    our investors and to establish the framework under which our company will function to benefit 
    investors first.

    The SprintX Ecosystem.

    In order to communicate our vision, we must think of the SprintX – SwitchX – Fundación NOVA
    combination as an entire ecosystem. One that interacts with the other and that seeks the benefit of 
    the investors, companies and Startups.
    The SprintX Ecosystem will count with the following components, each tailored to address the needs 
    of our clients and to solve specific problems in the current Startup and Financial industry:

    How will the SprintX Ecosystem Work?

    Each of the components of the SprintX ecosystem is an independent entity that will work in 
    perpetual partnership to benefit each other and will each have specific goals for the type of support 
    offered to each Startup:
    Will manage the ICO aspects for all Startups and analyze if the ICO is feasible and appropriate.
    Fundación NOVA 
    Will take each Startup to the NOVA Campus which is a Smart City designed specifically for the 
    thriving of business and technology to develop their business in that location.
    Will be the banking arm behind our operation and will manage the financial and regulatory aspects 
    of our funding activities on a global scale.
    1. A Startup files an application via the SprintX web page to apply for the Incubation Process.
    2. The application is reviewed and accepted.
    3. Fundación NOVA onboards the Startup team and begins to set targets and milestones that the 
    Startup will need to achieve over their 16 Week Incubation process.
    4. When the Incubation process is finalized the Startup will then choose to have their ICO launched 
    via the tools offered by SprintX.
    5. After the ICO ends, Startups can choose to convert cryptocurrencies raised to fiat using SwitchX.
    6. The created token from the ICO will then be added automatically to SwitchX and made available 
    for trading.

    Smart Contract Specifications.

    With the purpose of enabling the ICO, SprintX will create a Smart Contract in charge of capturing all funding 
    and assign to its users participation in the direction of the company depending on their contributions to 
    the ICO. 
    The SprintX Smart Contract security will be determined by:
    The Smart Contracts will be reviewed and audited by our advisors, who are experts in the field. In addition, 
    there will be a link in our website where you can find them publicly in GitHub, so the smart contracts can 
    be verified by its users.



    Website :https://sprintx.io/

    Telegram :https://t.me/sprintXICO

    Twitter :https://twitter.com/ICOsprintx

    Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/pg/Sp...

    LinkedIn :https://www.linkedin.com/compa...

    Whitepaper :https://sprintx.io/docs/whitep...

    Bitcointalk :https://bitcointalk.org/index....

  • Important Announcement for the SprintX Community New Date of phase 2 PrePre-Sale

    Our priority is to our user community first, especially when it comes to running our ICO. It came to our attention earlier today that there was a vulnerability found in our Smart Contract. As a result, our Phase 2 sale which was scheduled to start today (April 23rd 2018) has been postponed until Thursday May 3rd 2018.

    The following new dates for our Pre Sale and Public Sale will be as follows:

    - Phase 2 Presale — Thursday May 3rd 2018 to Thursday May 17th 2018 - Public Sale — Thursday May 24th to Thursday June 21st   We believe that it is essential that we continue to adhere to a high standard of quality and security when it comes to our user community of users, investors and followers. Our goal is to be one of the most successful ICO’s out there. We have already raised $15M during our private sale and are excited about getting our Phase 2 ICO underway.    For now our priority is to ensure that our smart contract is secure and deployed so that we can kick off the next round of funding. We also believe it is imperative that we are open and transparent with you and look forward to sharing more news about the project very soon!    We thank you for your Support and continuous commitment to our team and this great project.    Good things are worth waiting for!    - The SprintX Team -

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