NeoClassic [Airdrop] [Bounty] - Decentralized platform smart contract revolutionary digital money system.

  • ABOUT NEOClassic

    NEOClassic is one of the tokens that uses P2P systems to
    transact between senders and recipients, with technologies that use
    smart contract ethereum to make NEOClassic very fast and secure when
    making transactions, our team focus on creating NEOClassic as a new
    payment method in the future

    What is NEO CASH?

    NEO Cash provides world-class services, faster transactions speed than Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and NEO. Cheaper price and transactions allow NEO
    Cash to be easily adopted by merchants across the globe. NEO Classic aims
    To solve the inherent problems as other cryptocurrencies such as increasing transaction costs, ease of use and slow transaction verification and processing. This is the archive Fund risk, in case the NEO Foundation banned
    in China, investors would be compensated through NEO Classic


    Year ago, Bitcoin had become, in many ways, a Chinese story. More than
    90% of Bitcoin trading took place there, on exchanges that charged no-trading fees. The majority of Bitcoin miners were located there due to the cheap electricity. And the biggest Bitcoin mining equipment manufacturer in the world, Bitmain, is a Chinese company. While it’s still true that China is dominant in mining and manufacturing mining equipment that no longer is the case with Bitcoin’s trading volume. Around New Year’s, when China banned no-fee trading and began enforcing other regulations on Chinese Bitcoin exchanges, trading of Bitcoin in China plummeted, and over the course of the year, Bitcoin trading shifted toward countries like Japan. Still, it was a surprise, China banned this year’s runaway crypto trend: initial coin offerings. Even more, authorities asked token issuers to refund participants’ money. Then, within two weeks, the Chinese central bank, the People’s Bank of China, told Bitcoin exchanges they had to close as well.
    Back to a year ago, NEO completed their refundable ICO, the first ever in token-raising history, where about half of the participants were from outside of China. Those who participated in the seed -round financing, ICO1 and ICO2 were told to contact the NEO team prior to Oct. 17, 2017, to be fully refunded after sending back all NEO tokens obtained from the ICO.


    Token sales are not recognized by the PBC as an official channel of fund raising. As such, all cryptocurrency trading related activities are deemed as illegal until further notice.
    Upon this report, all persons or cooperations are to stop all activities involving token sales. Any token sales that are completed prior or ongoing to this report, the team is to make arrangements to return all amounts to the investors. Any offenders will be reprimanded by relevant department of the government.
    Upon this report, ALL cryptocurrency trading/ICO funding sites within China are to stop their operations till further notice. The relevant department of the government will stop ISPs from serving traffic to such sites should these remain operational despite this notice.

    This led to the Foundation of NEO unstable and unclear about future development, if the banned NEO prices will come down and the market
    ICO's China will collapse, so NEO Classic is solution help for those who are
    use NEO can ensure capital and his property when NEO is Banned


    Instant Transactions

    With NEO Classic the amount of time taken for transactions is only 15 SEC-
    ONDS BLOCK TIME!. This is super-fast compared to existing block time which could take even hours depending on the nature of the transaction. This will make sure that more people are using the service for the day to day transactions.


    NEO Classic is built on ETHEREUM SMART CONTRACTS. Ethereum smart contracts allow developers to build decentralized apps on top of Ethereum. This will enable NEO Classic to have more applications than existing platforms such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and NEO.


    NEO Classic will offer the LOWEST TRANSACTION FEE in the market. Because of the challenges associated with verifying block sizes, the transaction fee for Bitcoin transactions is currently on the rise. The rise is necessitated by the need to pay miners more so that they can increase the speed of verifying transactions. For NEO Classic which is based on Ethereum smart contracts, the transactions fees will be even lower because of the efficiency of smart contract platform which is faster and cheaper than bitcoin’s platform.




    white paper:




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