TerraMiner Post-ICO is still on, and today the bonus on TRM2 is 120%!

  • Don’t miss out on our tokens! Starting March 28 the bonus goes down.

    ✔️ 1 TRM2 = $6.5

    ✔️ Bonus — 120%

    ✔️ Token price after the bonus — $2.95!

    ✔️ Token transfers — made within 48 hours of the purchase

    ✔️ Tokens are available only on our official website at terraminer.online

    ✔️ Payouts start — May 2018

    ❕You can buy tokens for ВТС or ETH, no minimum threshold. Only use your personal wallets for the purchase (no exchange or custodial wallets).

    Happy investing!

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