• Specification:

    · Coin Type: Pure PoW

    · Hashing Algorithm: SHA256

    · Difficulty Retargetting Algorithm: Dark Gravity Wave

    · Time Between Blocks (in seconds): 90,

    · Block Reward: 50

    · Block Reward Halving Rate: 500,000

    · Premine Amount: 1,000,000

    · Total Coins: 51,000,000

    · Maximum Block Size: 1 MB

    · 1 minute per block

    · Limited coins

    · 1440 PoW coins per day

    Mint up to 40%* interest on your WGCGoldCoin balance after every 30+ day

    *(Rate varies as the Proof of Work difficulty changes. WGCGoldCoin moderates interest rates as the frequency of Proof of Work payouts occur. Learn more about WGCGoldCoin active inflation controls here . )

    Mandatory update hardfork incoming use version



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  • Digital Assets & Blockchain

    At WGC, we provide a full front-to-back suite of blockchain solutions that are unique to the market and assist our clients cut through the complications of technology, allowing them to focus on their business and their customers.

    Digital Assets Development

    Build Exchange Platform

    Debit Card

    Coin Development and Setup Up

    API for Custom Digital Assets

    Mobile APP & Wallet Services

  • Code:

    A new attack was detected towards Actions taken to it are detailed at the end of this email.

    The details of this attack can be found below.

    Region: BGP -> SYD-SY3-CUST
    PPS: 84288 pps.
    Volume: 3943.0 mbps.

    The rule that the attack triggered can be seen below,

    Event: TOTAL bits/s > 360000000
    Direction: incoming
    Comparison type: over

    Actions that were taken due to this attack,

    0: This notification was sent via email. A second notification mentioning the removal will NOT be sent.
    1: Traffic towards the IP has been dropped via BGP blackholing in ALL locations. This will remain in place for 8 hours, and automatically be lifted.
    2: A JIRA issue has been created to track the incident, and will automatically be closed on expiry.

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