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    ShopCoin is a decentralized ecommerce platform build on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is a
    decentralized platform that allows smart contracts and decentralized applications to be
    implemented and runas programmed without censorship, third part interference, fraud or
    possibility of downtime. This blockchain allows creators and developers to write their own rules

    of ownership, state transition functions and formats of transactions depending on their individual
    project. This means that creators do not need to build their own blockchain but have the power to
    enjoy all the benefits of blockchain by the use of the Ethereum smart contracts.

    SHC platform offers a lot of services that will allow the users to have utility and an opportunity
    to increase their token value. One of the features of this platform is the reward mechanism. The
    rewards are made for different reasons such as shopping from a certain user, spending a certain
    amount of time on shopping as well as participating in the crowd funding activities. There are a
    lot of traditional businesses that offer rewards to their clients and SHC is bringing this to the
    crypto space. By offering rewards in form of tokens, the platform will be encouraging the use of
    the platform. Users will not just have the SHC tokens as an investment which they hold in
    speculation for an increase in price, but they will want to use the tokens for a chance to earn

    The rewards offered can be used in different ways on the platform. The users can hold and earn
    interest upon the increase in demand and value of the coins in different exchanges. They can use
    these rewards to add up in their shopping tokens allowing them to buy more products and
    services on the platform. On the other hand, the users have the option of cashing out and
    exchanging their tokens for other ERC2tokens, ETH, BTC and other tokens of their choice.
    Through this, they can expand their crypto portfolio. The reward mechanism is meant to also
    help the businesses selling their products and services to have a higher traffic and increase their

    The online shopping platform is a decentralized platform which allows customers to browse for
    the best products and services using the web and also their mobile devices. The market place is
    user friendly and can be understood by all users from any location. This market place does not
    charge any commission for the users hence there will be very little rates on the platform. INRC
    platform also supports the use of traditional payment systems and the fiat will be automatically
    converted to the SHC utility token allowing the users access and use of the platform without

    necessarily having to use another exchange for their fiat.

    The smart contracts will activate an escrow function into the platform. This is the function that
    will regulate all fund transfers in the system from shopping to the crowd funding. Shoppers will
    have the security that their tokens are safe and that they will receive the services and products
    that they have shopped for while the sellers will have the security of knowing that they will
    receive payment as agreed. During the crowd funding process, users of the platform will make a
    decision on the projects that they will support. This will be done through a vote whereby the
    winner of this vote will receive funding from all users who are in support of the project. Other
    projects will have an option of presenting their projects for a vote again after the projects that are
    being funded finish their funding period. For funding, the creators of the platform will need to
    fill out applications that are pre-installed on the platform in order for their projects to be listed
    for the voting process.

    The platform will run on ShopCoins (SHC) which will conform to the ERC20 token standards
    on the Ethereum blockchain. SHC will have its own exchange that will help the users of the
    platform to exchange their coins will ease and at reasonable market rates. Additionally, there will
    be mobile phone applications on Android and iOS mobile platforms to increase the user access to
    the platform. Users will be able to surf for their favorite items on the platform at any time,
    receive rewards for using the platform and also raise funds for their project of choice, from
    whatever location with the use of their mobile phones.

    Shopcoin Vision

    SHC platform is created to provide a secure and decentralized platform where sellers and buyers are able to meet and transact at lower costs without the need for middlemen. Buyers will have the chance to purchase different items from one platform, saving time used to shop in different websites. SHC wishes to provide a faster and flawless shopping experience for the users of the platform. SHC provides shoppers and sellers from different regions across the globe a platform to interact and transact at low fees.

    Spend ShopCoin

    SHC is a shopping and services Eco-system powered, generated and controlled by user. With SHC, users of the SHC platform will be able to shop and spend their tokens without a limit. The system is powered by the users who hold the tokens, which run the platform. Through this platform you can shop for food, drinks, health services, beauty products and services, clothing and apparel, hotel and vacation booking and others. All these can be paid for using SHC.

    User Rewards Mechanism

    SHC platform uses a reward mechanism to offer appreciation, compensation, recognition and benefits to the users. The rewards are in form of SHC that can be used to do further shopping on the platform or as a form of investment. This will in turn increase the amount of coins that users have in their wallets. The reward mechanism is used to promote the active users and encourage others to use the platform. The retail tokens will enable holders to obtain discount from merchants.

    No Commission on Market Place

    Users of this platform such as hotels, health facilities, ecommerce portals and vacation booking services can use the SHC integrated marketplace without paying any fees. With this decentralized platform, there will be no commission charged on the sellers in order for their products and services to be visible to shoppers. With the decentralized SHC eco-system, users of the platform only need to have SHC and be registered on the platform..

    Cloud Funding Platform

    SHC has an eco-system community which reviews and rates startups. Innovative startups seeking funding and expertise can sign up to the platform to get the relevant assistance on how to set up. The Ethereum blockchain enables access to the SHC user base hence funding can be made from different tokens in the ERC 20 standard. The shop COIN (SHC) are also easily traded and exchanged to other crypto currencies in different exchanges making them highly liquid and valuable to the users.


    In order to roll out a fully functional platform with all features, SHC will conduct a token sale
    to raise funds. The funds will be used to develop the platform and make it user friendly as well as
    market the project to all cryptocurrency users and enthusiasts. This will also help startups to have
    a future in growing their brands on the platform. The ICO will serve as the medium to increase
    the knowledge of the project in the market, attract active users to the market as well as raise
    funds to elevate the platform. SHC will have a pre-ICO first to raise funds to be used to start the
    alpha development of the platform.

    ICO parameters

    Token name: ShopCoin
    Token Symbol: SHC
    Total Token supply: 90.000.000 SHC
    Contract Address: 0xB33D73a8Aecb5a87173a27503507547752ed9310
    Token Pre-Sale: February 5-March 25 (or as long as supply lasts)
    Total hard cap: 14.200 ETH= 58.5 million SHC
    Soft cap: 23%
    Pre-sale prices: 21 million SHC= 4.200 ETH
    20% bonus for 9million SHC (1 ETH=5.000 SHC)
    The rest 12 million SHC 1ETH=4.000 SHC
    Token sale: 35 million SHC= 10.000 ETH
    1 ETH=3.500 SHC



    09 March 2017
    Development Started- SHC wishes to provide a faster and flawless shopping experience for
    users of the platform.

    November 2017
    Test net Launch

    February 2018
    Shopcoin(SHC) Token Pre-sale

    Q2 2018
    SHC Token sale

    Q4 2018
    Exchange applicatione
    We will apply for the exchange as soon as possible, including the exchange we considered:Cryptopia,Coinegg,Huobi.

    Q2 2019
    Beta Release
    Launch of the SHC Wallet Shopping and services platform full beta release.

    Q4 2019
    SHC Echo system Intigration
    SHC Echo system wallet platform integrated with the first SHC




    white paper:




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