QTUM Release Electrum wallet v0.18.2 beta

  • About Qtum Electrum

    • QRC20-Token support
    • multisignature support
    • segwit support
    • hardware wallet support

    What's new

    • fix a ledger osx connection issue
    • decrease osx dmg size
    • smart contract supported


    • Trezor uses bitcoin mode for now, it shows bitcoin type address when signing transactions.

    Hash Validation

    Hash: SHA256
    If you would like to validate that the binaries you download are exactly the same as those provided and built by the Qtum team, then you can compare your binaries to the following sha256sum hashes: 
    1246f5ac4857605b248e37df2c60478f37e6b5112ff29cf0f2431545b8073a66  Qtum-electrum-osx-v0.18.2.dmg 
    b23dff360ffe5dbabe8911dd0b7fc8add2cfa814e107ebd88955d1730ec27130  Qtum-electrum-win-v0.18.2-portable.exe 
    6d46c3e033997d89584d582d2750dfe50b0bc3e29033ad59c3daf58ee62dceb5  Qtum-electrum-win-v0.18.2-setup.exe 
    bb3594ced56756c126f2e1e2f7c09d99dcd375d15499c9eb722f95940c58bffd  Qtum-electrum-win-v0.18.2.exe 



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