IOTA - Trinity Desktop Alpha

  • Dear IOTA Community,

    A week ago we released a long-awaited update to the Trinity development schedule. There we suggested that the alpha of the desktop application could be released within 2 weeks (6 days from now, if we want to be pedantic).

    We also promised increased transparency regarding the build.

    I would like to preface this announcement by telling you that the devs have been working around the clock to get a working alpha build ready in this time frame. Credit in particular to (a long standing community developer) who has grabbed the bull by the horns, leading desktop development and pulling all-nighters in a bid to keep to this schedule.

    But the question on all our lips?… “Will we be able to release the alpha in time?”


    That’s the good news.

    The even better news is that we have already released this to our mobile testers today, 6 days ahead of schedule!

    The even even better news. Today we open a limited entry programme for 100 new desktop alpha testers. This application process will close after the first 200 applications, and the most suitable 100 testers will be contacted to join the programme.

    The application form will be posted on the #trinity channel at 6:00 pm UTC tonight. Please keep an eye out for it.

    The application form will be posted on the #trinity channel at 6:00 pm UTC tonight.

    Please remember that this is an early alpha test, and you should only be using it for testing purposes. DO NOT use seeds with any significant amount of value.

    Thank you again to the community for their patience and understanding thus far.

    The Trinity Team

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