Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges for Trading

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    With the boom of cryptocurrency also came the boom for exchanges. Right now, you will find a lot of exchanges out there that are entering the market. However, as a trader, you don’t care about the “new” or the “old” ones, but you care about the “best” ones.

    In this article, we will list 5 top exchanges to trade. Trading is an art, but it requires a platform to execute that is fast, feature-rich and secure. You just don’t want to trade on an exchange platform that takes a minute for an order to get executed or stays down for a long period throughout a day. Not to mention, the exchange platform needs to have good trading volume. Otherwise, there won’t be enough buyers or sellers to initiate trading requests.

    Another important aspect of a trading exchange is the security associated with it. It should be secure enough so that you don’t lose your assets. However, it is advised to only keep the trading amount on an exchange as exchanges hacking becoming more common than ever.

    With the basic idea cleared, let’s list the top exchanges to trade in 2018.

    Top Exchanges to trade

    1. Binance

    Binance is our top choice for trading. It is fairly new exchange compared to other established exchanges out there. Its office is located in Hong Kong and the exchange offers the lowest trading fees(thanks to their BNB token) right now. It has one of the top trading volumes. Regarding features, it supports stop-loss, charts view(both basic and advanced) and trading book.

    The only thing that differentiates Binance from other exchange is their customer support. Binance is prompt when it comes to support. Not only that, they frequently add new coins into their exchange. You can access Binance through desktop, web and mobile app.

    Only crypto-pairs are allowed on Binance. This means that you cannot buy crypto using USD.

    2. Bittrex

    Bittrex is one of the big US exchange out there. It is based in Las Vegas and has competitive trading fee compared to other exchanges. Bittrex is also one of the oldest exchanges and hence have a lot of trading volume associated with it. The trading fee is slightly on the higher side at 0.25% fee. Just like Binance, Bittrex also comes with a lot of trading features and support good collection of coins to trade in. Though, it lacks good support as many users complained about their support in online forums and review websites

    3. Coinbase and GDAX

    If you are only interested in only trading in major coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, then Coinbase can be your best bet. With over 10 million customers, it provides a lot of trading volume and liquidity. Its headquarters are located in San Francisco. It supports credit and debit card purchases, but have a hefty 4% charges for each buy. You can check their trading fee page to know more as the fee differs according to place and payment method.

    GDAX, also known as, Global Digital Asset Exchange, is also owned by Coinbase and is aimed at advanced traders. If you are an advanced trader, then go for GDAX as it offers advanced tools for doing trading. It also has limited cryptocurrency listing which includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

    4. Kucoin

    Kucoin is fairly a new exchange in the market. However, they seem to be a great place for traders. The coin deposits on Kucoin are faster and you also get hundreds of coins to choose from.

    Kucion interface is also one of its amazing features. It also has a proprietary KuCoin Shares(KCS) tokens which can be bought and used for trading. By using KCS for trading, you will be able to save a lot of trading fees. One more aspect of Kucoin that is not available in other exchange is their “dividends” system by which you get ETH by holding KCS. Overall a great platform with decent support and amazing user interface.

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    So, what do you think about the listed exchanges? Do you think we missed an amazing exchange? Comment below and let us know.

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