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  • Leonardian

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    Leonardian is a blockchain-based all-in-one marketplace for digital assets including software products and copyright items, as well as freelance services. It comes with the needed benefits such as low flat transaction fee, bulletproof quality assurance mechanism protecting all parties, efficient payment mechanism and full predictability and transparency of conditions locked in the smart contract of the blockchain. Decentralized and self-governing in its essence, it is a stable and efficient platform designed to avoid any potential capability issues, payment and transaction bottlenecks as well as to protect all parties including providers, clients and investors interested in the project. 



    Our goal is to democratize the digital asset market by providing a self-governing decentralized ecosystem based on the following pillars:

    • Flat fee to guarantee low transaction costs
    • Quality assurance mechanism protecting all parties
    • Fair treatment of providers
    • Flexible and instant payment methods
    • Full transparency and further development of the platform based on the decision of the community

    Participants in the platform

    • Providers

    “Providers” are individuals or companies who provide digital assets via the platform: this is list their services or copyright products – software, audio, video, images, 3D or other contents. A provider can also be a client in the platform – there is no need for a separate registration.

    • Clients 

    A “Client” is anyone who buys a product or pays for service via the platform. A client can be registered either as an individual, or as a company

    • Angels

    An “Angel” is large token-holder with more than 25,000 tokens.

    • Quality Assurance Experts

    Quality Assurance expert is any qualified professionals who have successfully passed the initial approval process. 

    Leonardian Benefits

    Website           Whitepaper          Twitter        Facebook               Medium            Reddit          Telegram

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