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  • What's Vendoreum cryptocurrency?

    The main advantage of Vendoreum is that it’s a fully independent, decentralized and above all anonymous cryptocurrency. In addition to the above mentioned, Vendoreum was developed in order for anyone regardless his knowledge could easily gain access to the cryptocurrency. Exactly that’s why we’ve chosen the CryptoNote algorithm. After all, exactly this algorithm allow all people to obtain (go mining) the cryptocurrency without using any specific technical devices like (ASICs). For the purpose it’s enough to use the wallet application with onboard mining function or to use other programs of this algorithm developed for obtaining the cryptocurrency.

    Main advantages of Vendoreum:

     Vendoreum Specification:

    Proof of Work, CryptoNight;

    The maximum amount of coins:
    10 bln (25% go for conducting ICO, Bounty, referral

    ~ 20 years;

    Block reward:
    changes depending on the network's difficulty;

    Block time
    90 sec;

    Block size:
    1 MB;

    Changes of the network's complexity:
    changes from block to block.

    After conducting ICO there will be created the
    genesis-block with the amount of coins, equal to the
    sum of sold and distributed Vendoreum coins at ICO.

    Vendoreum cryptocurrency has no pre-mining for

    What will be ready just after the ICO ending?

    We've developed and tested:

    (main body of any cryptocurrency with defined parameters such as emission
    and amount of coins, etc.)

    Application for mining
    (allows people to get Vendoreum easily).

    (allows creating fully safe, unhackable, offline wallet).




    (for mining at РС).

    Software for the mining pool
    (almost anyone can install it for obtaining Vendoreum. It allows the pool’s
    owner to make profits on pool commission and decentralizes the Vendoreum

    (is used for check of transactions and blockchain).


    Pre-ICO startup is scheduled on the 2th of April, 2018.

    For purchasing tokens Bitcoin (BTC) и Fonero (FNO) cryptocurrencies
    can be used.

    For Pre-ICO 350 million coins will be set aside, at the exchange rate: 1
    VENDO = 20 satoshi = 0.07 FNO.

    Time frame for Pre-ICO period is 7 days or up to the moment when all
    coins are sold.

    The purpose of Pre-ICO is invoking funds from first investors for
    running the ICO Vendoreum advertising campaign.

    ICO startup is scheduled on the 9th of
    April 2018. And will be held in 5 stages.
    Duration time of each stage is 1 week..

    For purchasing tokens Bitcoin (BTC) и
    Fonero (FNO) cryptocurrencies can be

    For ICO 2 billion Vendoreum coins will
    be set aside, which will be divided into
    5 equal parts corresponding to the
    number of stages (weeks

    Coins that weren’t sold-off at the
    previous ICO stage are carried to the
    next stage.

    The price for one token will change
    depending on the ICO stage.

    Time frame for the ICO is 5 weeks,
    from 9th of April till 13th of May 2018
    or up to the moment when all coins
    set aside for ICO are sold.

    ICO will be held in several stages

    Unsold coins

    If by t he d ate o f the ICO e nding the un sold coins
    are left, they will be carried for the total emission
    of Vendoreum.

    Distribution of funds collected at the ICO


    Bounty Program:

    You can get coins for free for actively promoting Vendoreum on third-party resources.

    Payment period is 7 days. It means that you will receive coins after 7 days of posting. It all depends on the quality of the source.

    For Twitter post from 500 to 2000 VENDO

    For Facebook post 500 to 2000 VENDO

    For Whitepaper translation 10000 VENDO

    For starting of topic on BitcoinTalk on other languages 2000 VENDO

    For post on BitcoinTalk 500 VENDO (depending on user's rank)

    For small signature from 500 VENDO to 1500 in a week (depending on user's rank and activity)

    For big signature from 1000 VENDO to 2000 (depending on user's rank and activity)

    For video review from 1500 VENDO

    For post on third-party resources (blogs/other forums/sites) from 500 VENDO

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    Vendoreum white paper:

    CryptoNote v.1 original white paper: 

    CryptoNote Original V 2 white paper:




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