PIVX Mandatory Update Wallet v 3.1.0 Coming March 31st, GUI Redesign, zPoS, Deterministic Minting, & More

  • Mandatory Update Coming (Today) March 31st

    GUI Redesign, zPoS, Deterministic Minting, & More

    At the beginning of January, we announced our 2018 roadmap which can be found here. After hours of coding & testing, and an uncountable amount of energy drinks and coffee, we are pleased to announce that DELIVERABLES ARE COMING!

    • zPoS (zPIV Proof of Stake)
    • Deterministic zPIV Wallet
    • Auto Backup on External Storage Devices
    • Ledger Wallet Masternode Collateral Support
    • PIVX Core Wallet GUI Update!

    All features will be included in the mandatory v3.1.0 update, and will be fully functional as of April 7th! That being said, there are a few key dates that we’d like to make our community aware of:

    With the upcoming update and additional features that will be added, there are a few housekeeping rules we’d like to request from our community:

    1. Any zPIV minted with core wallet 3.0.6 and below will not be qualified for zPIV staking, and will not be able to be backed up with the deterministic seed. We recommend that you convert your existing zPIV to PIV before it is temporarily disabled on March 29th, and remint to zPIV using the new wallet (v3.1.0) once zPIV v2 is activated on April 7th to ensure you can receive all new benefits.

    2. When new core wallet v3.1.0 is released  on March 31st, we encourage all users to:

    1. Create a wallet.dat backup before the upgrade.
    2. For backup support, please follow instructions for your OS here.
    3. Close Wallet
    4. Download and upgrade to the new v3.1.0 wallet at your earliest convenience.

    3. As this is a mandatory update, any wallets and masternodes that have not upgraded to v3.1.0 by April 7th will not be compatible with the new zPoS network. This means that all of your transactions and rewards will not be applicable on the main network.

    In the coming weeks, we will be releasing additional information as available. If you have any specific questions not outlined above, please join us in Discordand we’ll be happy to help answer any questions we can.

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