{ANN } SmartInvestCoin

  • We bring to your attention POS Smart Invest Coin .
    The coin is designed to unite investors for the development of a common tipped Mining farms. At first glance it may seem that this is the same as cloud mining, but in fact is the case, you get almost the same cloud mining just safer because you get your profits immediately in your wallet with the aid of POS and can easily sell the coin as coming in the form of profits and capital assets.
    rate stability is achieved through the constant guaranteed redemption of coins on money earned by mining equipment
    Actually on the equipment and will spend money raised from the sale of Koinov system
    Also, we do not conceal that initially the opportunity to receive a coin with the aid of mining is not possible only with the aid of POS Mining purchased in the coin system, but it is a guarantee of value and a stable exchange rate of the cryptocurrency
    So everything is fair and transparent, so it can be regarded as 100% premayn, but that it is designed to keep the exchange rate stable and to generate profits all network participants.
    Make up your mind, join and make money with us!


    Algorithm Scrypt

    Type PoW/PoS

    Coin name SmartInvestCoin

    Coin abbreviation SIC

    Address letter 2

    RPC port 7796

    P2P port 7795

    Block reward 100 coins

    Total coin supply 48275862 coins

    Premine percent 13%

    Premine amount 6275862 coins

    PoS percentage 20% per year

    Last PoW block block 1000

    Coinbase maturity 6 blocks

    Target spacing 64 seconds

    Target timespan 1 block

    Transaction confirmations 6 blocks

    More Details Coming soon!

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