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  • PokèCoin is a Blockhain as a service cryptocurrency with embedded PokemonGO trading exchange system.
    While Official developers of PokemonGO are releasing the new update which will allow users to exchange Pokemons peer to peer, we are developing an automated,
    in wallet, trading exchange platform to exchange pokemons and buy them with PokèCoins.
    We actually own many complete pokedex and so many rare pokemons to start trading them for PokèCoin cryptocurrency when the new PokemonGo update will come live.

    If you love Cryptocurrencies and Pokemons this is the place for YOU!

    Ticker: POKE

    Name: PokèCoin

    Algorithm: x13 Proof Of Stake

    Stake Interest: 2% Yearly

    Total Coins: 75 Millions

    RPC port: 19987

    P2P port: 19986



    PokèCoin is a Proof of Stake cryptocurrency and this means that you can only mine and support the network holding coins in your wallet for a certain amount of time.
    This give the chance to people to earn coins without any expense on mining hardware and high electrical bills, and this earnings represent the so called "stake interest". Right the same as holding an always uptrend positive position in stock trading, without doing nothing Smiley

    Here comes the question for the newbies: how can I stake my own coins?

    The procedure to stake PokèCoins is very simple:

    - Open your wallet and be sure that is unencrypted. If it is encrypted unlock it for an unlimited period of time.

    - Store your coins into a single (recommended) address and hold there your coins without "moving them" (i.e. do not make transactions from and to that address)

    - Wait at least 6 hours and you will see the little arrow logo in the bottom right becoming green.
    This means you are finally "staking" so you can earn some coins while your fund will keep freezed for the time needed to stake.

    - When you mine a PoS block with your staking coins you will be rewarded with some PokèCoins depending on the amount of coins staked.

    Below there is a more detailed explanation of Proof of Stake minting:

    "All coins in the network collect coin age. Your stake is calculated from this coin age, measured by last transaction, and multiplied with the amount of coins (time * coins).
    Transferred coins lose their age and start a new "life" as fresh coins. When you keep coins for 6 hours, they are old enough to start the minting process.
    From that moment on the software tests the "search space" given by the coin age, the limited options are tested if they "solve the puzzle" like in Bitcoin mining.
    You can simply think of this by comparing it with a raffle. But it is a raffle that lets you keep the tickets every time you do not win a round.
    And with it the chance of producing a valid solution of the next puzzle increases. More coins equal more raffle tickets.
    So 100 coins at an age of 6 hours are twice as likely to solve the "puzzle" as 50 coins with 6 hours age. Attacks become more difficult as well, instead of controlling 51% calculating power to take over the block chain, you need 51% of the coins that are put up as stake! When a block is minted, your new coins will be unspendable until confirmed by the network as mining security protocol."

    For the first thousands blocks we will run a 0 reward PoW blockchain to sustain the newtork while coins distribution goes on and to secure it further more in early stages.

    PokèCoin will be distributed fairly with a public Initial Coin Offering to Investors.

    Why an ICO instead of mining distribution? Here's a few point about this decision:

    1. Access to capital to fund growth

    Public placement of coins on an exchange before launch allows the "company" to attract capital to fund both organic growth
    (modernisation and upgrade, implementation of capital-intensive projects) and acquisitive expansion.

    2. Creation of liquidity and potential exit for the current owners

    Formation of a public market for the coins at fair price creates liquidity and provides an opportunity to sell the shares promptly with minimal transactional costs. The private owners & investors of the coin can dispose of their stakes in the business both during an ICO (this route is often taken by the minority financial investors such as venture or private capital funds) and at a later stage (this is often preferred by the majority shareholders).

    3. Maximum value of the coin

    Public ICO is a good way to give a coin an already estabilished and filled market cap which lead to a valuable and important index of health and potential of a currency.

    4. Everyone can access it

    Unlike mining, where hardware and skills are required to earn coins, a public ICO gives the possibility to everyone to join in with a small (or big) investment. Just create an account, buy coins and that's it!
    This translates in a fair distribution for everyone.

    5. ICO represent a market floor

    Most of the times ICO price represent the market floor from which a sustainable growth can start. Nobody want to sell lower than the price he bought so if everyone buys at the same price there is no risk of going under those initial levels. Anyway to avoid price speculations from whales we will place support buy orders to prevent harsh price falls.

    Roadmap Coming Soon!



    FAUCETS: 2500 POKE + 500 POKE for faucet balance



    [email protected]

  • A signature campaing is now live for PokeChain [POKE]. You can earn some POKE just following these steps:

    1) Put this code into your profile signature (Click on "Profile" then "Forum Profile Information" on the left bar menu)


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    (Better signature for higher rank members coming soon)

    2) Make at least 15 posts per week in the following forum sections:

    - Altcoin Announcements

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    Receive your reward when PokeChain is launched. Reward is 1000 POKE

    every 15 posts each week. (max posts per week 15, more posts will not

    count for the weekly payout.)
    Remember that you will get your reward

    only if you post in the listed forum's sections. We reserve the right of

    admission to Sig Campaing (neg trust account could be rejected based on

    our decisions)

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