GameCredits Network Update

  • The GameCredits Network Has Updated!  For the past couple days we’ve been working on updating the GameCredits network from version 0.9.6 to To facilitate with adoption we reached out to pools and provided them with the updated source code and instructions. adds new features and improves the codebase to a new standard patching tons of bugs. Such features include hd wallets, potential decentralized exchange integration, compatibility with various hardware wallets, eventual segwit signaling, and on June 1st bip65 and 66 activate enabling atomic swaps.

    It’s important to know that is backwards compatible with 0.9.6 so exchanges do not have to update immediately. We will be sure to work with them over the coming weeks to get them safely updated. But until then it is still safe for users to use exchanges that are version 0.9.6+.

    Below you can find links to the source code and Linux, Mac, and Windows QT/core wallets.

    Source Code
    Windows QT/Core Wallet
    Linux QT/Core Wallet

           Mac QT/Core Wallet

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