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  • Ontology Monthly Report — August

  • Ontology Community GIF Sticker Design Competition Winners Announced

    Thank you for everyone’s interest in the Ontology Sticker Design Competition!

    The winners are…











    All other stickers that made the top 60 are runner-ups and will each receive 50 ONG.

    Below is the voting table for the top 10. The core team voting was done by LI Jun, Founder of Ontology, and Andy Ji, Chief Strategy Officer of Ontology.

    We have disqualified candidates we found to be involved in voting manipulation. Winners will be contacted early next week via email.

    Special thanks again to our community sticker designers and voters in this competition! We hope to have more community activities soon. Let us know if you have any suggestions at [email protected]

    The Ontology Team

  • Ontology and Muzika are Building a Decentralized Music Platform

    Ontology, a new high-performance public multi-chain project and a distributed trust collaboration platform, has announced a partnership with decentralized blockchain music ecosystem platform Muzika. Muzika will develop dApps and a new music ecosystem based on Ontology’s underlying technology. Ontology and Muzika will also cooperate in events and community.

    In the past 20 years, the music industry has experienced two giant transformations: from physical records to digital music and from music downloads to online streaming. The first transformation has made music more accessible, while the second has played a key role in expanding the industry.

    However, this industry has its own problems: middlemen and copyright, limited fan participation, unbalanced and unclear economic distribution, and more. With the continuous development of the music industry, the revenue share of musicians who produce original music has declined, while music publishers are enjoying long-term returns from a one-off task. In this regard, there is an urgent need to build a decentralized and reliable blockchain music platform.

    Therefore, Muzika’s sustainable music ecosystem solution will use Ontology’s underlying technology to give fans a new identity, allowing them to be involved in any step of the industry if they wish. Fans can participate in parts of music production, allocation, consumption, and profit distribution. This will form stronger networks and allow original music to be produced and distributed fairly.

    By building an autonomous and reasonable digital music ecosystem, Muzika will eliminate unnecessary intermediaries and media, give more rights to musicians and fans, and eventually restore the profit balance among market participants.

    Muzika has over two million active users and 17,000 music producers across more than 150 countries, with rich experience in community management and user management. Under the direction of Ontology’s real economy strategy, Muzika can connect different aspects of people, assets, objects, and affairs in the digital system through Ontology’s distributed services to integrate the music world with real businesses, and encourage greater trust collaboration.

    Speaking on this cooperation, Inseo Chung, CEO of Muzika, expressed:

    “Muzika is creating a real decentralized digital music ecosystem for the digital music industry to close the gap of all stakeholders with an innovative structure. The cooperation between Muzika and Ontology will be a great step in this. We look forward to working together to achieve a transformation of the digital music world”.

    Ontology’s Founder LI Jun said:

    “Music has various application scenarios in our life. Ontology is delighted to collaborate with an innovative team like Muzika to challenge the music industry. With the development of the dApp, the relation between music producer and fan will be changed, bringing a better music user experience and achieving a more balanced profit distribution and long-term cooperation model. We believe that the integration of blockchain technology and music will create a better landscape for the future”.

    About Muzika

    Muzika is a music blockchain platform with a mission to apply blockchain technology to the daily lives of the public. It aims to be the first digital music blockchain application to gain public recognition and popularity. It also has a leading core team, with all three founders included in Forbes Asia’s Top 30 under 30. The team also operates multiple platforms including Mapianist, MyMusicSheet, and KPopPiano.

    Muzika has more than two million active users and 17,000 music artists across more than 150 countries from Mapia’s business platform, which lays the foundation of Muzika’s success. By building a music ecosystem maintained by producer and consumer, music fans can directly participate in sponsorship and production, and have freedom and rights in consumption and income distribution.

    Website: https://www.muzika.network

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/muzika_official

    Medium: https://medium.com/muzika-official

    Telegram: https://t.me/muzika_english

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/muzikanews/

  • Luxembourg Delegation Visits Ontology

    The Ontology team was pleased to receive a delegation of officials from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg at the Ontology office in Shanghai on Thursday, September 13th.

    Luxembourg has established itself as one of the leading blockchain innovators worldwide. Ideas were exchanged to explore the advantages of implementing blockchain technology in various industries. Further discussions will be held to discuss potential cooperation between the Ontology team and public and private sectors in Luxembourg.

    Visitors included: Isabelle Goublin, Director of Treasury, Ministry of Finance; Nicolas Mackel, CEO of Luxembourg for Finance; Luc Decker, Consul General of Luxembourg in Shanghai; Rol Reiland, Deputy Head of Mission, Luxembourg Embassy in China; Bob Kieffer, First Counsellor, Ministry of Finance; David Storne, Consul, Luxembourg in Shanghai; Guy Hoffman, Chairman, Luxembourg Bankers Association; and Ma Ying, PA to the Consul General.

  • ONTO Version 0.9.4 Update Notice

    Download ONTO


    Reusable KYC

    ONTO reusable KYC provides you an easy to use and safe KYC service on the blockchain. ONTO now has several trust anchors for you to certificate, including IdentityMind.   Once you have finished your certificate on ONTO and got the blockchain certification, you can use it in different application areas, such as the ones shown below.

    User View

    Reusable KYC application areas

    IdentityMind FAQ

    Q: Why did my IdentityMind claim fail?   A: There are several reasons why your IdentityMind claim could have filed:

    • Unclear photo, pixels below 460*600
    • Image size not between 400KB and 4MB
    • Image format unidentifiable
    • Name filling error
    • Image information verification error, for instance, the certificate expired

    Q: What should I pay attention to when uploading my ID photo?   A: You need to pay attention to the following:

    • MRZ should be clearly displayed when uploading your passport photo:
    • You need to make sure the image is clear. Do not block key text in the image. Avoid reflections on the key text.

    Q: Can I check my Ontology blockchain record on Ontology blockchain explorer?   A: A: Yes, you can. You can also click on the hash of Ontology blockchain record on the page which will direct you to the blockchain record on the Ontology blockchain explorer.   Q: After scanning the QR code, the waiting time to load the verification page is too long.   A: Please check your internet connection and try again.   Q: Is it correct that each email address or mobile number can only be linked to one ONTO account?    A: No. Each email address or mobile number can be linked to multiple ONTO accounts. However, each ONT ID can only be connected to one email address and mobile number.    Q: Why I haven’t received the verification code email after requesting the verification code?   A: If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your spam or junk folder as it may be there.    Q: Which countries/regions does IdentityMind support?


    ONTO website: https://onto.app

  • Ontology and TOP to Partner in Communication Technology

    Ontology, a new high-performance public multi-chain project and distributed trust collaboration platform, has announced its strategic cooperation with TOP Network to build a communication network ecosystem at blockchain application level. Ontology Global Capital (OGC) will also make an investment in TOP. Ontology will fully support the TOP Network in technology, operations, and ecosystem construction, and promote mutual development.

    From terminal-to-terminal connection in the PC era to person-to-person connection today, communication technology has dramatically changed the way we live. However, information islands are still created by over-centralization. Therefore, traditional communication technologies and decentralized networks need to be closely integrated to generate innovative solutions to break this.

    TOP is devoted to creating a distributed communication platform to provide a secure and low-cost communication cloud service for developers. Traditionally, developers need to build their own communication stacks and deploy their own networks for communication applications and maintaining the communication network. This pattern has long development cycles, high costs, and poor network security. Top communication chain provides developers with a one-stop solution and allows them to save more than 60% expenses via building a decentralized communication network.

    In this cooperation, Ontology will provide the underlying basic blockchain technology, integrate blockchain systems, and provide a data exchange, data identity, high-performance smart contracts, and other services to build an open platform and ecosystem. TOP will develop decentralized applications on Ontology’s blockchain platform based on its own communication services.

    CEO of TOP Network, Steve Wei, was one of the early employees from WebEx, the world largest video conference provider. His original video conference software was acquired by Huawei and he has rich experience in the communication field.

    Speaking on this cooperation, Steve believes:

    “Ontology is not only a mature high-performance public chain platform, but it also provides very strong basic service components such as ONT ID and ONT Data for on-chain business, which are very user-friendly. TOP communication chain will provide decentralized communication cloud services for Ontology developers and enable them to easily develop high-performance communication social applications on Ontology, which will save a large amount of development costs and communication network costs. Also, the TOP team will directly develop communication applications on Ontology’s platform, bringing a significant number of users to the Ontology ecosystem. The partnership of Ontology and TOP is built on the basis of mutual benefit, which provides strong impetus for the ecosystem construction of both parties”.
    TOP Network and the Ontology Team

    Speaking on this cooperation, Ontology’s Founder LI Jun said:

    “With the rapid development of communication networks, information islands will be broken and the target for an ‘internet of everything’ will be more achievable. Blockchain technology will add more power to the whole development process. Ontology is delighted to cooperate with TOP, a blockchain-based decentralized communication network. With the accumulation of TOP’s experience in the communication industry, we will provide data exchange, data identity, and high-performance smart contracts and other services to jointly build an open platform and developer ecosystem”.

    About TOP Network

    TOP Network is a decentralized communication network based on blockchain technology 4.0, providing secure, high quality and low-cost communication cloud services which include messages, voice calls, video calls, VoIP, VPN, CDN, live streaming, IoT data sharing, and more. Its vision is to be the infrastructure of communication and social application in the era of Web 3.0.

    With more than 50 million overseas users, they will bring a huge volume of transactions to the TOP ecosystem. It will grow into a prosperous ecosystem rapidly after its MainNet launch. TOP will be a proven public chain that can handle significant business.

    TOP Network was founded by Steve Wei in 2017. Steve is a successful serial entrepreneur. He was an early employee in the Silicon Valley legend enterprise WebEx and has contributed the main code. After WebEx, he created a video conference software company which was acquired by Huawei in 2010.

    TOP Network has received eight million US dollars in early investment from well-known investment institutes such as Danhua Capital, Fenbushi Capital, NEO Global Capital, Dream Chaser Capital, and Daocin Capital.

    Official website: https://www.topnetwork.org/

  • OWallet Version 0.8.8 Update Notice

    Download OWallet

    OWallet FAQ


    1. Update to OWallet v0.8.8 and make sure your Ledger app is also up to date.
    2. If you already have your Ledger connected to OWallet, delete it and reconnect.
    3. When you connect tick “NEO Address Compatible”, you will then see your NEO Ledger address on the Ontology MainNet, including the second half of your NEO Council ONT airdrop!

    Note: If you already have another MainNet ONT wallet on your Ledger, just connect again without ticking to “NEO Address Compatible” to see it.

    • Linux support. If you are a Linux Ledger user, please input the following into command line so you can connect your Ledger:

    sudo ./sudo ./owallet-0.8.8-x86_64.AppImage

  • Ontology Selects 4Stop for Identity Authentication Services

    Ontology, a new high-performance public blockchain project and a distributed trust collaboration platform, has selected 4STOP to perform Know Your Customer (KYC) on the Ontology trust ecosystem. The two parties will work together to provide digital identity services, further enriching Ontology’s trust ecosystem.

    Empowered by Ontology Distributed Ledger Technology, 4STOP is to partake in Ontology’s trust system that integrates global certification sources to verify and authenticate people, assets, objects, and affairs. Ontology’s “real economy” strategy is to deliver robust and comprehensive multi-source identity portraits that enable stronger trust cooperation and efficiency to real-world use case scenarios.

    In this cooperation, Ontology will utilize 4STOP to perform know your customer (KYC) compliance requirements, further ensuring that the blockchain industry continues to advocate trust as an emerging technology. 4STOP will provide necessary services that include validation, verification, and authentication of people.

    Speaking on the cooperation, Ingo Ernst, CEO of 4STOP, said:

    “With the ever-evolving adoption of blockchain technology, we are very excited to be part of Ontology’s innovative blockchain project by providing them with further KYC services to verify and authenticate personal data across the globe. Creating a mainstream, standardized, and easily accessible compliant and trusted infrastructure is something we are both passionate about, and we look forward to Ontology’s future developments”.

    About 4Stop

    4Stop, a leading fraud prevention provider solves businesses risk-based approach through a modern, all-in -one KYC, compliance and anti-fraud solution. Based in Germany and founded in 2016, 4Stop’s global compliance and risk management platform brings together their proprietary real-time anti-fraud technology with over 1800 active global premium data sources, in a single integration. 4Stop’s technology creates an unrivaled combination that allows businesses to confidently anticipate risk and are empowered to make well-informed decisions, backed by quantifiable data to manage regulatory obligations that will accelerate their business performance. 4Stop has been developed with a full understanding of compliance needs — locally and globally, today and in the future.

    For more information, please visit https://4stop.com

  • Ontology Partners with AI Giant SenseTime

    Ontology has announced its cooperation with AI enterprise SenseTime, the world’s highest-valued AI startup. Based on Ontology’s underlying public chain, SenseTime will provide various types of verification services to ensure the authenticity of user identity via identification documents, facial comparison, and other functions. These will provide support in computerization and deep learning research and application.

    With a mission of “uphold originality and let AI lead human progress”, SenseTime has built a world-class independent research and development deep learning supercomputer center, pushing out AI technologies in various industries including facial recognition, image recognition, text recognition, unmanned vehicles, and remote sensing. SenseTime is the largest AI algorithm provider in China. It has provided services to more than 700 companies across the globe such as Honda, UnionPay, Wanda, and Huawei, with the highest market share in many core areas such as smart cities, smartphones, interactive entertainment, automobiles, and finance.

    With this cooperation, SenseTime will provide Ontology with SenseID identity verification, SenseOCR general text recognition, and other AI technology support.

    SenseID identity verification includes video and text verification, as well as other formats, and uses multiple verification methods, such as interacting with users in real time via camera and card number recognition, to assure the authenticity and reliability of information.

    The SenseTime public cloud web API function can verify videos and photos sent by users using facial comparison, facial search, and other technologies to make judgments on user identities.

    Speaking about this cooperation, Ontology’s founder LI Jun said:

    “In this era where everything is interconnected, the integration of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology can bring limitless possibilities. Ontology is honored to cooperate with a world-leading artificial intelligence enterprise such as SenseTime. It is an innovative attempt at blockchain and AI, which will bring faster and more effective verification services. Ontology looks forward to bring more convenient and reliable verification services and high-speed experience for users, further promoting Ontology’s distributed trust ecosystem”.

    About SenseTime

    SenseTime is a world-leading artificial intelligence platform. The company’s total financing exceeds 1.6 billion USD and is valued at 4.5 billion USD.

    With a mission of “uphold originality and let AI lead human progress”, SenseTime has built a world-class independent research and development deep learning supercomputer center, pushing out AI technologies in various industries including facial recognition, image recognition, text recognition, unmanned vehicles, and remote sensing. SenseTime is the largest AI algorithm provider in China.

    It has cooperated with more than 700 client companies and partners at home and abroad, including world well-known companies and institutions, such as MIT, Qualcomm, Nvida, Honda, Alibaba, Suning, China Mobile, UnionPay, Wanda, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, Weibo, and iFlytek, with the highest market share in many core vertical areas such as smart city, smartphone, interactive entertainment and advertisement, automobile, finance, retail, education, real estate, and more.

    SenseTime has offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Kyoto, Tokyo, and Singapore.

    For more information, please visit: https://www.sensetime.com/.

  • OWallet Stake Authorization Feature Released

    Earlier this month we used comics to introduce how users will be able to authorize stakes to Ontology nodes to gain rewards.

    Time flies, Ontology has already carried out three consensus rounds. We’re sure the community would like to hear more about this feature.

    What are nodes?

    In Ontology’s governance Ontology has “consensus nodes” and “candidate nodes”, who take part in the governance of the Ontology blockchain.

    There are two basic requirements that need to be met before becoming a node:

    1. Have at least 100,000 ONT and complete the stake through a smart contract.
    2. Submit KYC for compliance.
    3. Meet specified hardware requirements.

    How can I authorize a stake?

    For those in the Ontology community who want to participate in Ontology’s consensus mechanism with less than 100,000 ONT, they can delegate their own ONT (in multiples of 500 ONT) to other nodes and gain rewards with them.

    Take this process as an example.

    Step 1: Download OWallet (Windows/macOS/Linux).

    Step 2: Open OWallet and find “Stake Authorization”.

    Step 3: View the node list. After selecting a node, click on the arrow, select the wallet where your ONT is, and enter the node stake authorization page.

    Note: You can click on the “Stake History” button in the upper right corner to see authorized stakes you’ve already made.

    Of course, try to choose the node with the highest reward proportion!

    OWallet also supports Ledger wallet to complete authorized stake. Just select “Ledger Wallet” in step three.

    Step 4: Click the “Submit A New Stake Authorization” button and select the number of ONT units you would like to authorize for a stake (500 ONT per unit). Enter your password to confirm and the authorized stake is complete!

    From the above authorization process, we can see that both your stake and the node’s can be canceled at your own will. Nodes may also be knocked out in the next consensus round (every 120,000 blocks) if their stake falls below others.

    How much do nodes earn?

    According to data provided by Ontology, in the previous two consensus rounds the highest earning of consensus node is below:

    Excited? Authorize your stake now!

  • Ontology and Shufti Pro Sign MoU Concerning Technology

    Ontology and Shufti Pro signed a Memorandum of Understanding concerning KYC/AML technology integration. The two parties will work together to provide digital identity services and cultivate Ontology’s trust ecosystem.

    Digital identity is core to Ontology’s infrastructure. Ontology uses ONT ID as complete distributed identity framework supporting identity verification and authentication for people, assets, objects, and affairs. Ontology’s distributed identity framework was created for users to build their own multi-factor identity portraits which they can authenticate, certify, and use.

    Whereas: Ontology is a distributed trust network that focuses on digital identity, data exchange, and other trust collaboration scenarios. Shufti Pro is a fully automated and customizable KYC/AML SaaS service provider, supporting global comprehensive verification solutions. Both Ontology and Shufti Pro share a common understanding and vision to promote user-friendly and innovative identification tools and applications to enhance user experience based on cutting-edge technologies.

    Purpose: Ontology and Shufti Pro together will seek to provide compliance-ready KYC/AML solutions based on the Ontology blockchain network. Improving accessibility to various markets that are exploring new methods to facilitate client on-boarding in highly regulated industries.

    As such, the Ontology Foundation and Shufti Pro have agreed to cooperate as follows:

    Key Cooperation Areas:

    1. Ontology will provide technical expertise and consultation on Distributed Ledger Technologies;
    2. Both parties will collaborate in the development of KYC/AML solutions on the Ontology distributed blockchain network infrastructure;
    3. Joint PR and marketing promotion of products and services.

    Speaking on the cooperation, Victor Fredung, CEO of Shufti Pro, said:

    “We are pleased to be starting our partnership with Ontology. We have followed their progress with interest for some time, and now is the right time to move forward. We believe that the combined use of new and innovative blockchain technology with cutting-edge ID and identity verification technology is a powerful combination for global business operations”.

    Ontology’s Co-Founder Andy Ji said:

    “The emergence of blockchain technology creates opportunities across to discover potential and promising solutions. Ontology is pleased to begin this journey with Shufit Pro, combining blockchain technology with identity verification services, providing a blockchain-based end-solution for KYC/AML services”.

    About Shufti Pro

    Shufti Pro enables clients to verify and screen anyone — anywhere — at any time with an industry leading 30 seconds verification time on average. Shufti Pro is fully automated and customisable plus having a component of HI, the KYC and AML SaaS is able to meet the latest market standards and compliance requirements. Their clients have global verification reach on any mobile or browser.

    For more information, please visit: https://shuftipro.com/.

  • Ontology Bounty Program Progress

    In July Ontology released the technical community bounty program, the first initiative which invites the technical community to develop on Ontology and receive rewards from the 100,000,000 ONT (10% of total) reserved for the technical community. Below is a summary of the bounty program progress so far:

    Bounty program progress 23/7/2018–12/10/2018

    Total applications: 214

    Bounties in development progress: 11

    Bountries in review: 1

    Bounties completed: 4

    Open bounties

    Documentation Japanese Translation — 1,200+ ONT

    KeepKey Integration — 800+ONT

    Javascript Debug Tools — 3,000+ ONT

    Smart Contract Test Framework — 1,000+ ONT

    SDKs — 1,000+ ONT

    Anonymous Credential — 500+ ONT

    Hardware Acceleration — 2,000+ ONT

    One-Click Blockchain — 500+ ONT

    Trezor Integration — 800+ ONT

    See the full details on the bounty page on the Ontology website.

    Are you a developer? We recently announced our global hackathon series, check out this article for more. Also, make sure you have joined our technical community on Discord.

  • Ontology - The Second Round of Triones Seed Node Applications will open soon

    Today Ontology, a new high-performance public multi-chain project and a distributed trust collaboration platform, announced the second round of Ontology Triones seed node recruitment plan and rules. The recruitment will begin on October 15th, 2018, and end on November 8th, 2018.

    Candidates can register through the Ontology official website. In addition to receiving ONG from basic consumption of the entire chain network system (network fees, storage fees, smart contract fees, and fees from other services), to encourage participation in consensus participating nodes will also receive an additional 1% ONG per year from the community incentives allocation.

    Ontology is committed to building an open-source, open-minded, and collaborative distributed trust ecosystem. This relies on the technology, applications, and governance of the entire Ontology chain network. Ontology will use the Triones Consensus System for the chain network. The system provides distributed, high-performance expansion support with an incentive mechanism to achieve a comprehensive and balanced governance model. The nodes are composed of communities, professional organizations, and technology enthusiasts from across the world. They will constitute Ontology ecosystem co-builders, together helping develop Ontology’s trust ecosystem.

    Learn more about the Triones Consensus System and its Economic Model.

    Ontology Triones seed node enlistment conditions are as follows:

    • Seed node candidates must have a stake of at least 200,000 ONT.
    • Seed node candidates must meet the software and hardware network environment requirements.
    • Seed node candidates must complete the application questionnaire.
    • Seed node candidates must promise to complete ONT ID trust certification.

    Ontology will also open another stake competition for the consensus node spaces, further details will be available at the end of the month.

    You can read the application terms here and submit an application here.

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