Ontology (ONT) - A New Public Multi-Chain Project & A Distributed Trust Collaboration Platform

  • Ontology and DVP to Work on Distributed Vulnerability Sharing Platform

    Ontology has announced its cooperation with DVP, the world’s first decentralized vulnerability platform. Ontology will provide blockchain underlying technology support, build a distributed vulnerability sharing platform, and work together with DVP on the development of an open blockchain security platform and developer ecosystem. DVP will also airdrop to Ontology community members who have completed identity verification.

    The security and reliability of blockchain technology plays a key role in its development. According to the latest data from BCSEC (a China-based blockchain security network), economic losses caused by security issues worldwide has reached a high of $3.35 billion USD.

    Even with precautions incidents still occur. The main reasons for this are the imbalance of security expert specialties and skills, reliance on specific security personnel for project security, the imbalance of personnel supply and demand, and the insufficiency of traditional safety testing.

    DVP has implemented a security crowdsourcing model which utilizes the anonymity of blockchain to address this serious issue. So far, DVP has found 2,757 vulnerabilities for 1,038 blockchain projects, which is equivalent to avoiding millions in losses for the industry.

    Speaking on this cooperation, DVP Project Leader DENG Huang said:

    “In this cooperation, we will use Ontology’s leading public chain technology to accelerate the development of decentralized use case scenarios for the DVP platform. At the same time, we invite more projects to join DVP and release security bounty reward programs, which will bring better security to enterprises”.

    Ontology’s Chief Strategy Officer Andy Ji believes:

    “Blockchain security should not be underestimated. Since we released our bug bounty program, we have been interacting more with the technical community and timely solved some security vulnerabilities, which has helped us build a more secure chain network system”.

    About DVP

    DVP (Decentralized Vulnerability Platform) aims to build an anonymized and security crowdsourcing through a decentralized vulnerability platform. DVP is devoted to solving the security crisis of blockchain companies. We will link the blockchain technology companies, security companies, Baimaohui, and other community members to minimize the risk of vulnerability exposure at minimum cost and contribute blockchain ecosystem security.

    For further information, please visit: http://dvpnet.io.

  • Introducing Punica Suite — Ontology’s dApp Development Framework

    The Ontology team is excited to announce the release of Punica Suite, an Ontology blockchain dApp development framework.

    Punica provides developers with a complete set of open-source development tools for dApps, including:

    • Punica CLI
    • Solo Chain
    • Punica-Box
    • dApp Tutorial

    How to utilize Punica?

    Punica CLI

    Command line tool

    • Supports intelligent contract compilation, deployment, invocation, and testing. Each item can be completed simply and efficiently through a single line of commands and testing through a configuration file.
    • Supports both Python and TypeScript programming languages;
    • dApp templates and Punica-Box;
    • Smart contract packaging management tools;
    • Supports wallet file management.

    Solo Chain

    Test node with UI

    • View block, transaction, contract, push event, log, and other information in real time in the test node software;
    • Create multiple accounts automatically for users to work with SmartX and Cyano wallet.


    dApp templates and examples

    • Provides a variety of multi-language dApp examples, such as ONT ID, OEP-4, OEP-5, etc.;
    • More development aids will be available for user reference or dApp development.

    Punica Tutorial

    Development tutorials

    • Provides detailed textbook documentation and videos;
    • Provides rich Punica-Box case references;
    • Provides a variety of contract templates for developers to experience.

    Smart contract templates:

    Punica being introduce for the first time offline at our tech workshop in Seoul November 6th:

    At the same time, the Ontology bounty program remains open, and even has a couple of Punica-related tasks!

    Punica website: https://punica.ont.io/

    Punica GitHub: https://github.com/punicasuite

    Happy dApp building!

  • The Ontology Research Institute Officially Opens

    We are pleased to announce the establishment of the Ontology Research Institute, with senior blockchain and cryptography expert Dr. MAO Xianping as the dean of the institute.

    Current Research Progress

    As a new high-performance public blockchain project and a distributed trust collaboration platform with a real use case scenario strategy, Ontology has always put technology at the forefront of strategy and paid close attention to the continuous improvement of technology through research.

    We have built a new generation high-performance public blockchain using the VBFT consensus algorithm, a smart contract system supporting multiple programming languages, and a chain network system supporting multi-chain collaboration.

    At the same time, we have improved the distributed identity framework and distributed data exchange protocol, which have laid a solid foundation for building the distributed trust cooperation platform component of Ontology.

    In addition, Ontology provides a one-stop smart contract development tool — SmartX — and a distributed application development tool Punica to facilitate developers to build diverse types of distributed applications on Ontology.


    Ontology set up the research institute in order to focus more on the research and development of core blockchain technology and strengthen the ability to explore, reflect on, and apply emerging technologies, as well make contributions to the entire industry. At present, there are more than ten R&D personnel in the Ontology Research Institute.

    Institute Dean

    Dr. Mao holds a PhD in Cryptography from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He is committed to innovation and application research of blockchain underlying technology and cryptography, and has a deep understanding of blockchain consensus mechanisms, blockchain privacy protection, and data security. Mao has been in well-known international journals in the field of cryptography and has published more than ten related academic papers for conferences.

    Next Steps

    The Ontology Research Institute is an important link in the Ontology technical community, enhancing the core technology strength of Ontology, the connection with the technical community, and ties with academic institutions.

    In the future, the Ontology Research Institute will work on:

    • Exploring the next generation of blockchain architecture which will be more secure and highly scalable — research in sharding and multi-chain for the Ontology chain network;
    • Researching a blockchain application platform that is easier to use, private, and controllable — exploring the application of cryptography and data security technologies on blockchain platforms, such as zero-knowledge proof, secure multi-party computing, and trusted execution environments, to provide a more secure and easy-to-use platform for blockchain applications;
    • Continuing to increase input in technologies to provide solid technical support for building a distributed trust ecosystem — such the multi-dimensional identity system, data exchange system that supports complex metadata modeling and multi-level extensions, multi-dimensional credit rating system.


    We welcome technical communities and various research institutions to work together with us to build the Ontology technical ecosystem and bring trust to society. You can contact Dr. Mao at [email protected]

    Team Notes

    Ontology is an open community project and research platform. We have already formed joint research cooperations with a few universities, technical communities, and technical and industry experts. In the future, through the Ontology Research Institute, we will be able to form technology research cooperations on a larger scale, to not only develop the Ontology ecosystem, but also further contribute to the development of blockchain technology at large.

    Founder of Ontology, LI Jun

    Blockchain 3.0 is the strategic goal for the next generation of blockchain, an infrastructure all countries are competing for. The development of blockchain requires joint efforts of more academic and research institutions around the world, as well as the cross-integration of multiple professional fields. Ontology Research Institute should undertake the responsibility of theoretical innovation and basic method innovation in the field of blockchain, cryptography, and distributed computing, continuously develop blockchain core technology, and help China open-source independent core code and play a decisive role.

    Chief Strategy Officer of Ontology, Andy Ji

    Ontology is aimed at becoming an internationally leading blockchain project. We hope that, under the guidance of Dr. Mao, the Ontology Research Institute will provide rigorous and forward-looking theoretical guidance for the Ontology project.

    Senior Protocol Architect of Ontology, HU Ning

    “The man on the high mountain always sees the sunrise ahead of the man on the plain”. We wish the Ontology Research Institute to lead us to innovate ceaselessly and embrace a brighter future.

    Senior Blockchain Technology Professional of Ontology, Honglei CONG

    Technology accumulation is at the core of Ontology. We hope the research institute will take Ontology to a new height in frontier technologies.

    Business Development Director of Ontology, Daniel Wen

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