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  • Early 2017, we introduced ChronoMint — the flagship interface for the ChronoBank ecosystem. This functions as a wallet, secure vault and more. Our wallet was rapidly supported by crypto community and enthusiasts.

    Six months have passed after the release, we’ve been working hard to implement features that are going to make this useful and functional, whilst ensuring that your tokens are as safe as they possibly can be. Today we would like to provide a short overview of all available features and functions.

    ☞ We believe great features should be accompanied by clean, easy to use and functional design and UI. That’s why ChronoMint wraps solid engineering inside beautiful design.
    ☞ Visit

    ChronoMint provides a wide range of functionality and is the core software for managing and engaging with blockchain tokens:

    • Hold ETH, TIME, BCH, LTC and any ERC20 tokens, sending them to other users or storing them securely. You can also hodl Bitcoin and a growing list of other popular cryptocurrencies (XEM, BCH, BCG), and you’ll see price tickers to keep you up to date on how much your portfolio is worth.
    ☞ Transaction fees are calculated automatically, but you can always set your own custom fees.

    Here’s full list of ERC-20 tokens, that you can store:

    Etherscan Token Tracker Page
    List of ERC20 Token and their Market Capitalization of the Ethereum Blockchain on

    • Multisig functionality — again, something we consider an important security feature. ChronoMint Wallet allows you to use and switch between your personal single wallet and Multisignature wallets. When creating a multisig wallet, you can define how many signatures there should be in total, and how many of them should be required to make a transaction.
    ☞ ChronoMint doesn’t store any passwords or private keys.
    • Hardware key storage support (Ledger Nano, Trezor)  Hardware wallet is a physical electronic device, built for the sole purpose of securing crypto. Using ChronoWallet together with hardware wallets is a good choice if you’re serious about security and convenient, reliable crypto storage.

    In addition to this, ChronoMint has some special functions:

    • Create ERC20 tokens. ChronoMint will be used by employers to create Labour Hour tokens, but anyone will be able to launch their own token, subject to payment with TIME.
    • LH token mining: TIME holders will be able to lock their tokens to mine LHT, the native currency of ChronoBank products in a PoS like consensus algorithm.
    • Voting: TIME holders can vote on issues of importance to the company, with votes weighted in proportion to their TIME holdings.

    ☞ How does our voting proccess work? Read here:

    How does voting process work?
    ChronoBank dev team explaining how they decrease expenses for poll actions and deploying the voting

    We are proud that we are able to deliver a truly useful product to our community, and one that we know will have appeal far beyond TIME holders alone. Our intention is to make ChronoMint the best product of its kind on the market in terms of functionality and user experience.

    ChronoMint Guides

    We’ve created ‘how-to’ guides to make it easier for you to understand how ChronoMint works with the step-by-step instructions.

    How to login to ChronoMint?

    How to use ChronoMint: ChronoWallet, Voting & Multisig Wallet?

    How to use ChronoMint: Multisig Wallets, Asset Manager, Reward System Interface?

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